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What It's Like to Fly Inside the Cockpit of an Airplane

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One of my earliest memories as a kid on an airplane is poking in to say hi to the pilots while flying. Obviously, that doesn’t happen anymore, so just sit in with them through this video to see what it’s like to be inside the cockpit of an Airbus A320 flying across Europe. The views are stunning and all that flying equipment looks so fun to press and prod. ( المزيد...

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steve jenney 1
I rewmember sometime in the late 80's a flight from ATL_JAX on Delta. It was the last "wheel" of the day. Do not recall the aircraft. I was sitting in Row 1 aisle. The pilot and co-pilot both tieless and young seemed very laid back. We took off and the cockpit door was wide open the entire flight. Seeing all the lights and dials was interesting. It was a very bumpy ride all the way down as there were thunderstorms all around. We started final to JAX with lightening lighting up the cabin and torrential rain. Suddenly, a sharp bank to the left and boom we hit the runway...I watched both pilots high-five when we finally docked at the gate. All 25 Pax looked the same....pale as did the pilots....wouldn't have wanted to be the aircraft cleaners that night......

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