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Flight from Melbourne to Dubai returns to Sydney after 8hrs

Qantas Melbourne to Dubai flight circles for hours before returning to Sydney ( More...

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andrew357 3
Yeas Qantas seem to be having many problems with these A380'S yet half of this is hushed up there have being reports not going out to the Media about the other incident involving a Qantas 747-438 VH-OEJ at YBBN/BNE As it returned after one hours out from Brisbane as QFA15 to KLAX not enough fuel was on board. Then it finally left one hour later. Hushed up. this was on 4th April 2016
echos747jet 1
I agree with you I have being flying QANTAS since the 707 days through to there 747-238's and now the 747-438's and A330'S A380's but so many unreported incidents is a concern but there excuses don't help. The real good oldd days of customer service is long gone they don't care but enjoy publicity stunts they pull with the media. But it does not get past me.
william baker 1
I agree with you here excuses are just that excuses. Get off your but and tell the truth. Now on this flight why they hell if they had a issue did they keep flying for 8 hours. Yes they turned around and decleared an emergency but to keep flying for 8 hours?? They could have dumped fuel and landed safely a lot sooner.
Terry Pollock 1
Because you can't land at Sydney before 6:00am.
Matt Richards 2
greg mu 1
Would the curfew at Sydney been the reason for the 6.50am landing? I can't believe that would be the case but nothing surprises me these days.
Ivan Blakely 1
interesting thought, but looking at the track it looks like they did 4 holding circuits which would account for less time than 50 minutes after curfew lifted.
babyracer 1
"from Melbourne to Dubai has back-tracked to Sydney Airport after flying halfway across the country"?!

Someone needs to get their hands on an updated map, Melbourne to just past Whyalla (roughly the back-track point) is a quarter of the way across the country, a FAR cry from bloody half way.

The writer would make one hell of a navigator.......on a mystery flight :P
greg mu 1
In the Age article here is a large difference between the flightradar24 animation & airlive image... I wonder who is right. Flightradar24 puts it way into WA before the turn back.
babyracer 1
Well, bugger. I just looked at the link that Matt Richards posted (tired, missed it) and the activity log shows it's well past half way and yet the map in the article doesn't even come close to the log. So, my question now is - which is the truth :/
greg mu 1
Flightaware agrees with flightradar24.... take your pick...
greg mu 1
Whatever... pity the poor passengers
Matt Richards 1
FR24 doesn't have full coverage. FA does.
babyracer 1
Ah. Thanks for that.


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