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Henan Airlines homepage header has crash photos

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Henan Airlines, which was operating the E190 that crashed in China this week, has incorporated photos of the crashed airliner into their web page design. ( المزيد...

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Christopher McGee 0
Does anyone check if the story has been posted before they submit?
Chip Hermes 0
It does appear that this story is a dupe..although it links directly to the source and the other one links to a middleman ...this one has way more votes also (likely as a result) for me
Matt Molnar 0
Problem is if they fix their site, this link won't make sense anymore. :-)
SF Johannsen 0
It's not a dupe (deceiving). Why the photos our displayed on Henan (Kupeng Air) is because of Chinese tradition and culture. It is their way of being apologetic to the families going thru the crisis, and by putting the pictures on the site want to show remembrance of this particular tragedy. It may seem graphic to other cultures, but this is how chinese handle part of their mourning period. Also, by changing it black/white only is another tradition and culture way to show mourning. In China, most dramas and some movies are very graphic to the eyes because they want to show realism. Even when broadcasting the news can be quite graphic to some extent of accidents. When they had lost innocent lives due to the earthquake in Sichaun province most of all televised programs showing things on TV the day of mourning (broadcast of the news) was done in black and white. Just like for us westerners when we go to a funeral, we where black with no bright colors to show respect. I hope this helps alittle. Children on this flight are fighting to survive with their windpipes either crushed or burned very badly. Its very unfortunate, but there might be more casualties in days to come.
analogeagle 0
It looks like it has information about the crash, and who to call if you think a loved one is in a crash.

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