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Delta Air Lines: A Winner Among Legacy Carriers

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Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL) appears to have fundamental strengths that are not currently reflected in its stock price. In the second half of 2016, all legacy carriers including Delta, American Airlines (NASDAQ: AAL), United Continental (NYSE: UAL) and Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) saw a rapid increase in their stock valuations as market sentiment improved for the entire sector. Even Warren Buffett, who has been a long time skeptic of the sector, ended up investing billions in major airlines.… ( المزيد...

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indy2001 7
Articles that require registration should be banned from the Squawk List. Also, what I was able to read on the first 2 pages was unbelievably boring.
Brandon Cardona 2
indy2001 is right. I don't want to read articles where I have to register.
mary susan watkins 1
the purpose of flightaware is to have a forum for those interested in aviation,whether they are a private pilot,a commercial pilot, an airline employee, or just someone who loves aircraft,airlines and all things that might be related to flying..any person registered on the flightaware site can post an article for comments by other members, but they can also contact those who are in charge of monitoring the site, if you do not like or are offended by any articles there,and you will receive a response...the article indy2001 doesn't like has a "catchy "heading about delta airlines,but is mostly with regard to their stocks and financial status, which may be of interest to some..i would also like to point out that whenever a comment is made on any aricle,if youre a subscriber,the article reference and all of the comments made on that specific article pop up over and over again for quite some time afterward..
Brandon Cardona 1
Not sure if this was clear, but we were referring to registering to "seeking alpha's" website. Not registering to FlightAware. Seeking Alpha is a stock investing website, not aviation. We would be required to sign up up an stock investing website in order to read the article.

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