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Canada makes clear Boeing must back down if it wants jet order

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If Boeing is excluded, potential winners include Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N), Dassault Aviation SA (AVMD.PA) and Airbus SE (AIR.PA). ( المزيد...

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canuck44 10
Boeing obviously did not understand the geopolitical lay of the land in Canada or the UK. Trudeau and the Liberals need the MPs from Quebec and Theresa May needs the support from the Irish MPs to stay in power. The attack on Bombardier is an assault on both parties forming these governments. Both need to be seen supporting Bombardier and the jobs it provides. This is even more important now that the C-series appears to be selling well and Airbus has become a partner.

On the other hand if they did understand the situation but went ahead anyway, they obviously thought they had more universal clout than Canada and the UK. Arrogance mixed with ignorance.
William Marvel -7
"they obviously thought they had more universal clout than Canada and the UK. Arrogance mixed with ignorance." Not really, the USA and Boeing just standing on the individual freedoms to not become a socialist regime.
djames225 5
Ohh BS...more like Boeing and the US Dept of Commerce just standing up for Boeing!!..Boeing has received over $64 BIL USD in subsidies since 2000 and yet I do not here others blocking them or wanting extreme tariffs placed on their goods!
matt jensen 4
You've been socialist since LBJ. Look at your history.
William Marvel -6
I never said the world was not socialist, in fact it is "one of" the reasons for fighting for truth and righteousness.
matt jensen 3
Read what I wrote. I wrote nothing about the world - just the USofA
Cansojr 1
Didn't Superman say that?.
patrick baker 4
as a rule, negotiators grant the other side a degree of civility and common sense, else the process is unnecessarily uncomfortable. In this case, boeing is nuts, crazy, out of their minds, and out of touch, or so it seems to me. What is boeing expecting to gain in the long term, from holding on to this position?- more business from Canada? Any business from Canada? the calculations that yielded the backup for boeings claims don't add up, and make no sense to me.
William Marvel -1
Sounds like a civilian form of economic extortion.
Kenneth Schmidt 11
It is Boeing who has instituted the economic extortion, the Canadian Government is just responding to it. If Boeing loses out, they have no one to blame but themselves.
Roy Hunte 7
You got that right. They tied their own tether.
Cansojr 1
The Canadians are NOT RESPONSIBLE for the fiscal over. This was done by Boeinng and with the collusion from Donalds House in this unholy mess. He has a grade four or five academic understanding of the global economy. The Trump regime was has a fat golfing POTUS. He doesn't read or speak other languages. Trump isn't a billionaire. When something bothers him he will go he will start tirades yelling and screaming with problems in the West wing.I truely hope that he is impeached.
djames225 4
No William it isn't.."Canada already requires bidders for defense procurements to commit to placing industrial and technology benefits with Canadian companies equal to the value of the contract."..adding "if a bidder causes economic harm, impacts jobs or a key sector in our economy, they will be at a distinct disadvantage,” was long overdue as many countries already have similar rules.
William Marvel -3
Hoping this will make some sense:
"many countries already have similar rules" Comparing themselves with themselves does not promote truth and righteousness.

Socialism in Canada, or any other country, infringing freedoms does not promote the good of the individual taxpayer. IMO: Protectionism, regardless of which company advocates it, does not promote a better quality of product. It does not serve the interest of the individual citizen.
matt jensen 5
Protectionism is one thing. This is entirely different.
Protectionism is what American pols have been expousing on for decades.
William Marvel -5
I never said the USA was righteous, I just stated the truth and now you expose the bias of the Socialist Canadian. Both countries need to move closer to truth and righteousness.
Roch Comeau 4
What the heck is "Truth and Righteousness"? Sounds like the kind ambiguous things people say just before they go nuts.

What is it with this socialism label? When 2 people decide to agree to make a shared road and they the will drive on a particular side as a rule to promote efficiency and safety, that is socialism. When a population agrees to pay into a common fund (and impose this agreement to others in the community who stand to gain), like road repair, armies to defend themselves etc... that is socialism. Your town hall is socialism.

Socialism exists everywhere and the only argument we have is how much collective sharing in resources we decide to do.

None of this has anything to do with Boeing taking a chance on using a government that is looking to score points with their America First policy to keep out a competitor. They weighed the pros and cons and right or wrong, made a choice. Good or bad, they will have to live with the consequences.
djames225 2
Who the heck is comparing themselves with themselves??..this isn't infringing any freedoms, it is government, for once, protecting the citizens of a country from getting steam rolled by a corporation!
djames225 0
WTH do you mean "comparing themselves with themselves"? What freedoms are being infringed upon??? From the BS you are spewing, it sounds as thou Canada should just roll over for the US, or other countries, and let them bloody well do what they want.
Cansojr 1
Boeing chose to use the "Billy Club" rotten tactics for your largest trading partner for aircraft in Canada. So we will probably dump Boeing for better deal. By dumping Boeing for better options from the We will get a much better deal with the Europeans.They will build plants in Canada like the Europeans it will create more jobs in a time we are being dubbed by Trump and his hooligans.

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