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Buzz Aldrin Explodes On Delta Agents: ‘This is the most lousy operation I’ve ever seen’

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Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin was caught on video yelling at Delta Air Lines agents after he reportedly missed his flight at Los Angeles International Airport this week. TMZ reported that Mr. Aldrin, the second person to walk on the moon, rose from his wheelchair in a rage after Delta tried to remedy his situation by offering him a seat on a later flight. ( المزيد...

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vprieto2604 5
I've lost a flight from SFO to Brazil due to some kind of 'system problem' and I didn't have to yell with the agents... BTW they were very kind and offered me an acceptable solution. We must be able to accept the ordinary problems, no matter who we are. (I still lower my hat to Mr. Aldrin's achievements)
Hugh Loraine 4
1. We do not know all the circumstances. 2. Were you 86 yrs old? Everything is different if you are 87 yes old. For all we know, he may have needed a quick change before boarding. We just do not know enough to pass judgement.
mary susan watkins 4
ok..yikes on this one! I dealt with more than a few late pasengers,wheelchair passengers and lots of celebrities( some more "divas" than others) throughout my career,and basically all you can do is let the person "vent" their anger,offer them an alternative if available,and be as courteous and helpful as you can..they always ask for a supervisor anyway,so caring,listening and briefly being a sounding board is the only the way, I also met a few astronauts as passengers, who were very gracious and humble..(of course the ones I met were not 87 at the time,late for a flight,nor in a wheelchair)...
Hugh Loraine 6
I’m not sure what the “two minute problem” was. I was also surprised at the description of him rising from “his” wheelchair. It is common for airlines and airports to have wheelchairs for senior citizen use, not because the chair is absolutely necessary for walking, but rather to ease walking and standing in lines. After all, no airline wants to have a senior collapse from fatigue in a check-in line. So, I don’t consider the wheelchair a big deal. So, what was the two minute problem?

sparkie624 7
Only reason that this is news is because of who he is.
Hugh Loraine 1
Given that he was the 1st human to pee on the moon..... Look how much publicity that got!!!
Bob Plested 4
Yea, if that's the lousy-est operation he's ever seen, he obviously hasn't flown on United in the last 10 - 20 years.
Hugh Loraine 3
Lot of frivolous comments so far. Here is what should be a national hero who risked everything for his country in the pursuit of science and the advancement of America. Unlike many current soldiers, he actually took his risks for America, not just to prop up a foreign government at the whim of American politicians. He deserves to be cut a bit of slack, whereas many of these replies just make light of the situation or are trolling for someone to criticize. Try to be objective, rather than bloated with pre-conceived ideas. There are not enough details in the article to make an informed judgement. At 87, it might be something as simple as going to the toilet so as not to soak an airplane seat!! Give the guy at least the benefit of the doubt and wait for more facts. Choosing to compare Delta or United or whatever airline is simply both immature and not productive at this point. I have no doubt that when he went to the moon he had an optimistic future for America. Looking at America today, I can understand his disappointment and frustration.
744pnf 1
Thank you Hugh. BTW folks, have YOU ever experienced a 'Bad Day'?
scott8733 1
I have, just never thought to take it out on the gate agents. Instead, I take my 'bad day' out on the hotel's minibar- more fulfillment.
pjshield 3
‘This is the most lousy operation I’ve ever seen’. Obviously, Mr Aldrin hasn't flown on the airline that calls itself United but is run by and for Continental Airlines. They offer lessons in passenger disservice to other carriers!
s2v8377 0
Every time I've flown United they've been much better than Delta.
scott8733 1
Hold on, gang- let's not jump to conclusions......IF Buzz was speaking in generalities, he's not entirely incorrect.

LAX is the most lousy operation we've ever seen.
Hugh Loraine 1
And, by the way, you might want to remember, given the Trump rhetoric, that Aldrin is one of the few remaining north American combat pilots with experience dog-fighting over North Korea, where he flew 66 combat missions. I think he is worth holding a flight for a few minutes....
mike SUT -8
Yeah Yeah Buzz, way to go....according to other news agencies, he showed up late, in a wheelchair , got in a shouting match because the agents couldn't get you down there by delaying the flight and then walked, repeat, walked away in a huff. Then when asked whether he had a problem with Delta the answer is no, not at all. Good thing he didn't arrive late for the moonshot because there wasn't a later flight that was leaving to get him to the moon so he could complete his mission.

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