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Military says jet wreckage found in Alaska

JOINT BASE ELMENDORF-RICHARDSON, Alaska (AP) — The wreckage of an Air Force F-22 jet has been found in near a national park in Alaska. Military officials confirm search and rescue aircraft discovered . . . ( More...

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Greed is the reason for ALL WORLD WAR& ITS SUPPLEMENT WARS!WHEN WILL THE POLITICIANS send Their children to warfront?
Michael Yockey 0
Wait, hold on a sec. First of all, I'm hopeful for the pilot's safe rescue. Secondly, the article mentions that they were tracking the aircraft on radar. Er, come again? The F-22 is the most stealthy aircraft publically known to exist, yet radar tracking for this aircraft was mentioned so casually as to indicate that it's even routine.

Not to drag this so far off-topic, but that's a pretty interesting bit of information.
Squigish 0
Presumably, they were tracking the plane's transponder, which would obviously be turned off in a real combat situation, where stealth was necessary.


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