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A visual history of O'Hare International Airport

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Major changes have been a constant at O'Hare, from when construction equipment first tore up Orchard Place farmland to build a military aircraft assembly plant here in the early 1940s to the recent modernization plan's East-West runways which have cleared the way for the new terminal work. ( المزيد...

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royr2 17
Now this is the type of stuff I like to see.
Brad Littlejohn 3
wish they had shown 18/36 in operation, because that was a rarely used runway, let alone rarely mentioned. And no surprise that there is no mention of AAL191 and how that affected the airport.

On the other hand, it is amazing the lengths they went through to notify the families of those interred at the cemetery on the southwest side of the field (where cargo and the 10/28s are), including the genealogical research to find them and have the graves exhumed.

All in all, a well thought-out article.
indy2001 3
I think you missed something Brad. Slide 52 shows the famous image of AAL 191 rolling through 90 degrees with a gap where #1 engine should have been. And 52 shows the firefighters working at the trailer park where 191 crashed.
djames225 2
Ok I must have missed my exit because I don't see any of the slides you mention. Where are they?
Michael McMurtrey 3
See the lead photo of the sign with the 707 landing? See the "Photo Gallery" label in the upper left-hand corner? Click on it.
djames225 2
Thanks Michael..misplaced the glasses, and then some
djames225 2
This is the kind of article well worth reading. History of a great airport, in a well written and documented timeline, Slide show was magnificent and even had me sitting there naming the automobiles.
Peter McGrath 2
Great story. Never knew where ORD designation came from until reading this but it now makes complete sense.
Jesse Carroll 1
Great article! I just love me some history! Remember taking that railway to downtown Chicago once and only once! Scary place at night. My company was too cheap to rent a car or cab ride!.LOL long time ago.
indy2001 1
The text on slide 16 claims it shows a Delta jet bound for Miami. I don't think so. From the tapered cheatline as well as the double-globe on the tail, it is clearly a TWA 707.
David Isaacs 1
Wasn't Ohare named after a WWII naval pilot?
James Simms 2
David Isaacs 1
Thanks, James. That was interesting.
David Isaacs 0
Great, but where was the penalty box?

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