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Scared teen pilot makes emergency landing after plane loses wheel

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BEVERLY, Massachusetts -- A 17-year-old student pilot from Massachusetts who successfully made an emergency landing after losing a wheel during her first solo flight plans to return to the cockpit soon. ( المزيد...

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Chris B 17
Complete ATC communications with a very scared pilot.
Andy Cruickshank 22
I agree that she was scared in the early stages but her confidence returned and she listened to her instructor. I recall a student pilot at our airport KTTA who hit a large bird on downwind that damaged the wing. She got the aircraft on the ground and all was OK. I believe this was due to excellent training in both incidents. Yeah Maggie
Paul Wisgerhof 11
Great job by everyone involved. Any pilot should be a the very least "concerned" in this situation.
linbb 11
She did exactly what every pilot should do fly the airplane until it stops. That has saved many from injury including Clayton Scott or Scotty as he was known not that many years back.
AA61hvy 11
Maggie is awesome, that was really cool.
Peter Blouin 9
Well Done Maggie!!
jbqwik 8
a link to local news story and pilot & instructor interview:
sparkie624 3
Thanks for Posting
sparkie624 7
Great Job to everyone involved with this.. Looks like Maintenance may not be in line for a Thank You however... Just initially looking at it, kind of looks like a torque link failure... The basic strut looks to be in position, just no piston and nothing else below it. Impossible to say if this would have been detectable on the walk around.
sparkie624 4
I stand corrected... Only lost the Tire.... She really did a good job. At first, I sort of thought she was going to lose it, but her Flight Instructors did a Great Job getting back to calm and a great landing....
Andy Cruickshank 6
Tower controller did a great job too. She (the controller) was calm and positive and that helped Maggie pull it all back together. Great job by all with a great outcome.
jcw1953 4
I am sure Sully would be proud if he read this!
Hugo Dominguez 4
Awesome performance. Do not give up flying.
mary susan watkins 3
I saw the story and the interviews..she is a very level headed young lady..kudos to her and to her flight instructor who assisted in her safe return...
jbqwik 3
outstanding. shakey in the beginning but she worked it. well done.
patrick baker 5
i observe here a competent pilot who had inner resources of which she had not tapped lately. It is good to be scared at the onset, but when she had to perform, perform she did. Hats off to this lady...Clearly some first rate flight instruction here too.
Paul Hurford 2
Maggie: Great job. As the Operations Manager of a Piper Dealership and Flight School years ago, I was very impressed with the calm that most female pilots had - plus their natural abilities. My boss told me that Guys were prone to forcing things and handling things roughly - like being mechanics, contractors, steel or plant workers, etc. Female's on the other hand 'feel' more than tug and jerk. As young ladies they play with dolls (no sexism implied here at all) For Females it's about pressures. An Airplane responds to feeling the bird, and making appropriate pressure movements to control the craft. Guys sometimes have a tougher time flying until they acquire the skill of pressures instead of movements. Well done to all who assisted in this interesting arrival ;) Remember this: "An emergency is any situation that the pilot is NOT prepared to handle."
Janet Lindrea 2
that's great, well done Maggie
Mohamed Rahman 1
I would congratulate the Pilot for keeping her cool & return (Landing) safe.
Appreciate her confidence & excellent trainers.

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