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Raise Awareness and Stop FlightPrep

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We need to stop FlightPrep from destroying useful flight planning tools for their own gain. Boycott FlightPrep so they drop the lawsuits. ( المزيد...

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Boycott FlightPrep 0
Just added a petition to
TUSpilot 0
Where can I find information on WHY this company should be boycotted? The website is rather barren in this regard.
Zachary Colescott 0
@TUSpilot - all you have to do is check THIS website as to why is a bunch of D-bags
Jeff Cox 0
I just signed the BoycottFlightPrep petition. I also sent a negative email to FlightPrep. I suppose their next move will be to try and silence BoycottFlightPrep.
Rick Wise 0
rickythepilot 0
I don't like it either but they were the fist company to create online flight planning when they helped create CSC DUATS Golden Eagle FlightPrep software back in 1998. They filed for a patent in 2001 and it wasn't until December 29, 2009 that they received it. Now a days any kid can write you a website to do anything online, but back then it was still a fairly new concept specially when it came to aviation and flight planning. That's why their idea of exchanging information from a server for flight planning purposes seems so, not patent worthy today.
Jeff Cox 0
Got a chuckle out of this. I guess FlightPrep products are not so hot. Maybe if they spent a little time and money on developing a good product instead of on patent lawsuits they might have 4 or 5 stars instead of 1 1/2
Rick Wise 0
We'll "Un-use them" out of existance. Pass the word
P.S. I don't like people with a law degree that helps them think like this. Pilots are so much more intelligent than lawyers! They will never collect their "costs".
Too bad the FAA isn't more intelligent than Lawyers!
mark othoudt 0
What about using I read they paid the licensing fee to FlightPrep.
mark othoudt 0
@Rick Wise: I think the FAA is lawyers...have you read their book?
Tyler O'Donnell 0
"What about using I read they paid the licensing fee to FlightPrep."

I think the words you're looking for are:

"Thank you for taking one for the team"
pilot195 0
Added name to; sent unsubscribe email to Flight Prep -- their product was poorly designed, slow to operate and not that useful in my opinion anyway.

RunwayFinder, on the other hand was something I used virtually every trip.
Bill Hefron 0
They had the idea. They applied for a patent. The fact it was not granted for 8 years is not their fault. They should be allowed to make money off of their idea. We all like flight planning applications. There is no free lunch. If we refuse to allow innovators to make money innovation will stop. If the innovators make it too expensive for the people to sue their innovation others will come out with a cheaper solution but they will want to and have to make a profit. It is our system and it works. Quit complaining and understand that what you are doing is to destroy intellectual property rights. None of us want that to happen if we really think about it.
bob willis 0
i think drawing lines on a map goes back to the Wright Bros thats been in the public since maps
Tim Burga 0
Our patent system is horribly broken and this is just the latest example. Porting an existing activity or product to the web should not be considered an "idea" because it isn't one... it's bandwagon-jumping. If there's some unique feature that FlightPrep conceived and implemented on their site then they should be allowed to patent it, but not the entire concept of online flight planning! This is as clear a case of patent abuse for profit as there can be.
David Roeser 0
Patents are for "novel" ideas. It is not up to the patent applicant to decide what is novel and what is not -- that decision belongs with the patent-granting authority. Selling dog food over the internet is not a "novel" idea in these times, and offering flight planning services on the internet is not either.
Michael Fullmer 0
Shouldn't the HOME page of this boycott explain WHY people should boycott the company? This is the most losely and terribly planned boycot/website ever. Obviously people fee strongly but why would you not make it clear what it is they have done instead of having people look around websites for information?
Mark Wallace 0
The clearest positions on both sides are given by @Bill Hefron and @Tim Burga. I agree with Burga. The problem with Hefron's position is that this patent fails the "obvious" test. In the last 15 years, there has been a cottage industry of taking existing ideas, adding no more value than putting them on the Internet, and filing for a patent. There are "patent mills" whose sole purpose is to grind out as many of these patent applications as they can, and then look for someone to sue. We aren't talking about Thomas Edison or the Wright brothers here. There is (contrary to Hefron) no true innovation here, and (with Burga) our patent system is horribly broken.

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