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US investigators puzzle over Atlas 767's fatal dive

Twenty years after the most notorious accident in the Boeing 767’s history, US investigators are faced with explaining another fatal dive involving a twinjet which has maintained an impressive safety record over its near-40-year service life. ( More...

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What would we do here if not speculate , we don't WAIT here we just comment, read and do what we want OK Baker
william baker 5
This is very good information. Could it have been the weather or something not known on the 767 that failed. Time shall tell the truth. My prays are with the friends family and all those affected by this terrible crash.
bentwing60 3
“It’s a mystery,” says NTSB chairman Robert Sumwalt. “And the NTSB has 52 years of solving mysteries such as this.”

When Robert Sumwalt, the current Chairman of the Board of the NTSB says this, you know there is No smoking gun. There is no agency more circumspect than these guys when it comes to accident investigation. They will figure it out, and I'm quite proud that they never had to investigate mine.
william baker -9
What accident did you have there bentwings?? Yes they will figure it out but there are a lot of comments right now reguarding then stalling or trying to avoid the weather but the NTSB can’t yet figure out what happen. It’s been said before LETS WAIT FOR THE FINAL REPORT BEFORE SAYING WHAT CAUSED THIS ACCIDENT TO HAPPEN.
bentwing60 -8
The NTSB is normally involved only in fatal accidents wb, and then the tangential investigator is the FAA on the federal side. The fact that I comment here might indicate that I have never been involved in a fatal event, and in fact have been involved in no reportable event in 38 years of doin the stuff I did at the pointy end of the stuff you select on your flight simulator. So reread my comment that speculated on nothing and did not really rebut your comment or speculation of "Could it have been the weather or something not known on the 767 that failed in any way". Thanks for the down vote.
william baker 0
Who said I was saying anything about your comment. I was talking about other people and there comments. I left my comment of “could it have been weather or something else not known” I never said it was or wasn’t weather but other post and comments said looks like they were trying to avoid the weather and a few people said it sounds like they stalled. I was just saying let’s leave the field open and let the NTSB do there job. They ya e solved hard crashes before like they will solve this.
william baker 2
Also I didn’t down vote your comment at all.
Jesse Carroll 1
Any news on where or what happened to MH317? Just curious!
william baker 1
That’s MH370 and you mean the plane or person??
Rich Boddy -6
You were downvoted for being a fucking dick. Watch your attitude next time and it won't happen.
bentwing60 -1
“Ronald Reagan had a vision of America. Barack Obama has a vision of Barack Obama.”
― Thomas Sowell, Dismantling America
Might seem a bit off topic but oh so on point. Among the many signs of a civil person is the ability to civilly disagree.
Jesse Carroll 1
Ronald Reagan was a real man! Barack who?
#Build the Wall
bbabis 1
Not that puzzling. something in the back, stab, elevator, or rudder put the nose down and crew may or may not of had a chance to recover. What it was and why are the questions.
Bill Gardner 1
Heres the flight that day, it just shows him all of a sudden dropping fast.
mikey mikey 1
the last two reported positions are telling.
2nd to last, he descended 3,000 ft in ~30 sec.
final report was only 5 sec., during which he lost virtually all of his remaining 3,000 ft of altitude.
3,000 ft in ~5 sec = an average descent rate slightly under 400 kts. "Average".
lecompte2 -1
There has been a few rudder Hard over failures in the past ?
mikey mikey 2
not on 76-'s. that's happened on earlier-generation 73's, caused by wear in the hydraulic system (IIRC...)
lecompte2 2
Did happen a few times on the 67, not too well known

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