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Air China Boeing 777-300 ended on the grass during taxi at Frankfurt Airport

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Air China Boeing 777-300 performing flight #CA965 from Beijing ended with front and main gears on the grass beneath taxiway “Uniform”. The Boeing 777-300 (reg. B-2036) had to be towed on pavement surface. ( المزيد...

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Po Lau 2
The airplane was towed "During its tow from the north side the tug driver request to stop for a minute but the reason for his request is unknown. After about a minute he continued to the grass."
Kris Durbin 2
Rumor on the interwebs is that the tug driver had a medical. Makes sense in looking at the picture. I am pretty sure it was under tow.

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Roy Corrales 5
Better read the note first, and avoid yourself the embarrassment next time.
bentwing60 4
Read the article you dolt, the photo shows the tug in the mud as well! The crew was probably at the gate. And if not, it's hard to steer with nothing operating and the nose gear on a tug.
Richard Fox 4
Cansojr, once again slammed for failing to read before he posts!!
Kris Durbin 1
In his defense, the article didn't talk about it being under tow when it was originally published. HOWEVER, I posted about the tug driver having a medical situation that caused it before his comment.

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