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Fedex to phase out all of its MD-10-10 and A310-300 freighters by mid-2021

FedEx Express is preparing to retire its all MD-10-10(F) and A310-300(F) jets by mid-2021 due to the global market slowdown in the freight market. The company currently operates three Airbus A310-300(F) and seventeen MD-10-10(F). With these removals, the two aircraft types will completely be eliminated from the American cargo specialist's fleet. This year, the company already grounded some of its MD-11(F)s due to the tough market conditions. The global freight market was severely hit mainly… ( More...

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patrick baker 1
some cargo line will be able to use these redundant freighters, but for fedex, simplifying the fleet makes sense. There are no segments that these MD-10 and Airbus 310 can fly that no other freighters in fedex's fleet can fly, so time to go, thank you very much.


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