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Explosion Rocks Moscow's Domodedovo Airport

Moscow's Domodedovo airport - the busiest in the Russian capital - has been rocked by an explosion. Interfax news agency reports that at least 10 people have been killed in the blast and that dozens more were injured. Reports suggest a suicide bomber was behind the blast. Early local media reports suggested the blast may have hit the baggage reclaim area of the international arrivals hall. Breaking news, will update as more comes in. ( More...

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biz jets 0

Up to 31 people have reportedly been killed in an explosion at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport according to the Russian Health Ministry. Some 130 more are said to have been injured in what the Investigative Committee believes to be a terror attack.

There is smoke in the terminal building and people are being evacuated. Airport workers have destroyed a brick wall near the luggage claim area to let the passengers leave the area of the explosion.

An initial probe indicates the blast was a terrorist attack caused by a suicide bomber. Another theory is the bomb may have arrived in one of the bags.

Moscow police have been put on alert over possible terror attacks in the capital. Police are also on alert at Vnukovo airport and Sheremetyevo international airport in Moscow, and in the metro system.

International flights are being redirected to other Moscow area airports. Some 80 emergency teams are already on the spot. The first groups of injured passengers have already been taken to the nearby hospitals.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has been informed about the explosion, his press-secretary said.

According to reports the explosion happened at 4:30pm in the luggage claim area in the international arrivals wing of the airport. The explosion power was equivalent to 5 kilograms of TNT.
Matt Comerford 0
so is russia going to start a "global war on terror?"
biz jets 0
No, sorry USA owns that title.

This is the sixth major bombing in the last few years in Moscow - the last five were all Chechnyian - so I'll assume the usual suspect Chechnya.

Note; four Chechnyian women blew up two airliners in 2004 from Domodedovo - a TU-134 and a TU-154 killing all on board both aircraft - they bought the tickets to fly from a 'black market peddler' and bribed airport police to allow them on the plane!!! Of course the cops didn't know they had bombs.

klimchuk 0
Russia can't handle war on its own territory. It just paid relative peace in Chechnyian using money from oil.
biz jets 0
Peace??? Russia installed it's own President in Chechnya - they have fought two wars in the last ten years against Russian troops - their economy has been destroyed, 40 percent of the people left alive - live in refugee type camps. The American group Freedom House lists Chechnya/Tibet/North Korea/Burma as the most repressed societies on earth.

Also note; the Russian 2014 Winter Olympics are to be held a short distance from Chechnya - you couldn't pay me to go there!!!!

This attack has again shown - with all the security - how easily any bomb could enter an arrivals/departure pre-security area - and the size of a suitcase would go unnoticed.
biz jets 0 This video shows the moment of detonation from cctv. The bomb was full of metal scrap - and you can see the devastation as it drops people where they stand. :(
Paul Neon 0
Some comments are really from misunderstanding people. There will no any acts for 2014 Olimpic games. It's one of the most serious events to get money for our government. Do you know who and why do this terrorist attacks in Russia? They will not hurt themselves in Sochi.
biz jets 0
I guess we'll have to wait and see, unless of course your a fortune teller?

Gee making it very serious for the Government, only makes it a bigger target.
Guy Sepich 0
A very close call mate.....
biz jets 0
I wish them well, and hope there are no problems - I know for a fact I won't be in the crowd, that's for sure!!!
Daverogk 0
We complain about delays and security checks. Maybe this will help us realise the danger of complacency.
biz jets 0 2002 article about the unsolved bombing at LaGuardia Airport in 1975.


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