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Investigators probe circumstances of WestJet 737 overrun

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Canadian investigators have opened a probe into the overrun at Halifax Stanfield airport by a WestJet Boeing 737-800 which was arriving from Toronto on 5 January. ( المزيد...

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Frank Harvey 2
I don't understand; If you've got 15 gusting 23 from the North onto a 7700 foot 14, with possible snow issues, but 05 is available with 10,500, and 05 has recently been used, why would you use 14 ? Unless maybe you're coming from around 315 and have issues which make you prefer to go straight-in ??
lesoreilly 1
Continued issues at this airport because neither the airport or Nav Canada will pay to install ILS approaches to all runways!! The airport would rather build shopping/parking while Nav Canada continues to hide behind "data" that there is not enough weather to demand it......Yet when the weather gets bad there are incidents....Nav Canada needs to be held to their original agreements with getting a monopoly on our ATC.
Highflyer1950 1
LOC/NDB only for runway 05 if I remember right? ILS for 14 & 32. Next time at coffee ask the question: if the wind is from the North at 15G23 and we use a LOC app to 05.........what is my projected rate of descent and timing to the MAP if the FAF is 4.6 DME from the threshold? OR let’s fly the ILS ‘cause we can get it stopped with this tailwind...can’t we? Sorry, bored today!

F A 2
You take RWY 5 and easily slow to the far end taxiway straight to the gate.
Highflyer1950 1
Assuming they wanted to fly a non- precision approach?
F A 2
Good point. Prompted me to scrape up the METAR archive...
CYHZ 051500Z 01016G24KT 1 1/4SM -SN OVC003 M00/M00 A2915 RMK ST8 SLP879
CYHZ 051530Z 01016G23KT 5/8SM R14/P6000FT/D -SN OVC002 M00/M00 A2914 RMK ST8 /S05/ SLP874
CYHZ 051549Z 01016G27KT 1/2SM R14/5000FT/N SN OVC002 M00/M00 A2912 RMK ST8 SLP869
CYHZ 051600Z 36015G23KT 1/2SM R14/4000V5500FT/D SN OVC002 M00/M00 A2912 RMK ST8 /S07/ SLP869
BigRob215275 1
Thanks for the data for the

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