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Panel Clears 737 MAX’s Safety-Approval Process at FAA

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A federal advisory panel evaluating the safety-approval process for Boeing Co.’s 737 MAX concluded regulators adhered to policies in certifying the plane and determined it wouldn’t have been safer if it had received the scrutiny of an all-new aircraft. Lee Moak, co-chair of the independent committee set up last year, declined to identify mistakes made during certification of the now-grounded jets, instead describing current procedures as “appropriate and effective.” ( المزيد...

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stratofan 0
Reference my recent post on NYT article, 'Turkish Airlines Flt 1951 crash similar to 737MAX incidents'. First of all, Turkish Air 1951 was a 737NG, not a MAX. NYT fails to clarify this. (not a surprise) Second, the documentary I mentioned was 'Why Planes Crash'. AIRED on the Weather Channel, and the featured analysts were John Cox and Greg Feith. Both, well respected experts in their field, not connected with the Weather Channel. Both of them concluded that more than one factor was involved in this incident, not just equipment. Lastly, I am not still in high school as was implied. I do not live rent-free in my parents home, with 1 or 2 degrees, with no job, and live on the internet 24/7. Nuff said!
Edward Bardes 3
Are you sure you're commenting on the right thread?

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