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U.S. weighs ban on all flights from China over virus outbreak: report

CNBC reported late Tuesday that officials reportedly held a conference call with airline officials Tuesday and said a suspension of all China-U.S. flights is on the table as an option. CNBC reported that was one of a variety of responses being considered. United Airlines UAL said Tuesday it was cancelling dozens of flights to Hong Kong and mainland China, and Delta Air Lines DAL,and American Airlines AAL said they will waive fees to allow travelers to reschedule trips to China. ( More...

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John Manley 2

this website is quite fascinating. worth taking a look.... its about to get bad guys :(
thenewnewmsy 0
if you click on the DXY link on the bottom right of the map, it gives the number of suspected cases in China (in Chinese)...which stands at over 17,000 cases at nearly 10p CST - almost 30% higher from last night. And that's coating it lightly since these numbers are coming from the Chinese gov't. :-/
I remember reading an article about some treaty dealing with this same issue.

The question was 'At what point do we deny any (ANY!) airline, or aviation vehicle access to a contaminated area. It was hotly argued that there should be no (HUH?) limits to air travel to/from a contaminated area. NO LIMITS? Really? Seriously? There was a man sick with Ebola/Marburg, that flew to another African country, and started his own little 'hot zone' because he was able to fly and spread the disease.

There WILL come a time when ALL, and I mean EVERY LAST ONE will have to be grounded from flying into, or out of, a contaminated area. Nothing in, OR out. To state otherwise is just insane.

Sure, it might hurt the airline industry, but the greater good needs to be taken into account here. This is why I think flying the 200+ people out of Wuhan (in a cargo plane no less) to the US was reckless. Everyone that worked that flight is now contaminated. It's crazy to risk it.

So, when should all flights be stopped. Should it happen in this case. Should it happen to cases like this in the future. Who should say when it ends. Who stops the airline histrionics?
Flights from China should have already been disallowed. Let the planes refuel and then send them back to where they came from. The Bubonic Plague killed over 50% of the population
in Europe. Estimates indicate that 75 million to 200 million people were killed by Yersinia pestis, 25 million in 5 years alone. Brought in by trade ships docking at ports in the known world. Will we learn nothing from history? This is not a movie; it's real life.
If I had a schedule to China I would call in sick for the month and bid domestic trips.
the world is a "global community", thanks to the availability of flying from country to country,so epidemics that might have just been confined to one region, can now go has been reported that the ordinary flu shot a lot of people get,helps,but will not prevent someone from getting the virus..we can only hope there is a remedy/solution soon..
Steve Drake 0
Hopefully the resources invested during the SARS scare produced some protocols and understanding that can be applied to this outbreak.
dee9bee 0
Of course an ordinary flu shot won't be of help, at least not this season. The 'formula' for the shot changes from year to year and Coronavirus wasn't even on the radar screen months ago when this year's batch was formulated.
mbrews -1
Disagree. According to former head of FDA, having the protection of a flu shot (to stay healthy) REDUCES the number of patients entering healthcare settings with flu symptoms VERY SIMILAR to the Wuhan coronavirus
sharon bias 0
I knew those 747's would be useful at some point. Un-retiring some of the A380's might help too. The plane from China that came into LA was diverted to March AFB. Two full weeks of quarantine that the passengers can't escape from. If this really gets going, our military bases might get full fast, as they are some of the only secure airfields in the US
Phil Caron -3
The cases in Canada will only grow higher since 4 flights from China landed in Canada yesterday. All the airlines did was take the passengers' temperature. Since this virus takes 10 days to evolve, I would say a temperature reading is not stopping the virus from spreading. Of course our Prime Minister is not lifting a finger to protect Canadians as he's probably busy smoking a few joints and drinking booze. So no matter what the U.S. does to stop the virus, it is pointless as it will migrate south from Canada. Sorry guys, just being logical.
Steve Drake 3
It's probably wise to start an assertive inbound screening protocol in places like Vancouver, Seattle, San Fran, San Jose, LA etc. that have large Chinese-American or Green Card HB-1/visiting Academic communities. These 12 hours flights with "re-cycled" air and intimate passenger proximity are very problematic.
Darren Shields -1
At this point considering the long incubation period, isn't a flight ban akin to barring the barn door after the horse has bolted??
mbrews 3
No, its nowhere near the same analogy. If this turns into a large-scale pandemic, public health considerations justify cutting off inter-continent disease transmission by hundreds or thousands of infection sufferers. Its not a question of sympathy, instead whats effective to LIMIT further outbreaks
Chuck Lavazzi 0
Yes. The coronavirus has already gone global. This is just a matter of triage.
Dan Grelinger 1
You’re right. And my suggestion is that since it’s too late to matter, all persons flying into the U.S. from China stay at your house tonight.
There are 3 cases already in Canada!!
132 dead and 6,000 cases in China.
5 cases in the US.
Mike Mohle 12
Don't believe the numbers from China. Govt controls all media and can report whatever they want.
Delta is now the only US airline who has not reduced its China schedule.
Steve Drake 1
Delta acted today:

They cut their China flights in half until the end of April and I presume there will be more cuts. The ChiComms are absolutely untrustworthy in these matters.
Jamie Bone 0
Since it seems to have spread to India and Philippines now I feel perhaps there should be a harder line taken with limiting or suspending flights although I was reading that, like SARS, coronavirus doesn't do well in hot and humid environments so maybe it won't spread too quickly.


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