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Airbus Fined $4 Billion

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Airbus fined for systematic bribery and corruption. The CNN crowd weeps that it isn't about Boeing. ( المزيد...

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bentwing60 6
"The wrongdoing first came to light when the U.K.’s export finance body, which supports some Airbus sales, questioned the company about missing information about sales agents contained in its filings, according to the U.K. judgment.

A subsequent review by Airbus included “red flags for corruption,” after which U.K. Export Finance suggested the company report itself to the SFO, the judgment said." 'from the article'.

Not only did the Brits. question the tactics and strategy, they threatened to cut off the money! Nice ommission Bloomies.

"The CNN crowd weeps that it isn't about Boeing." Sadly, Boeing has done far more recently to tarnish a long and storied history in both monetary and reputational terms for sheer greed and avarice at the top. Same as AB, but the Boeing soy boys did it because they were stupid and both got caught. Ahhh, not a member of corrupt global governance, "no soup for you"!

I, and others were voted off several threads when presenting the allegations confirmed here a few years back and I probably will be again. This stuff was almost 'campfire', not local knowledge with the lack of MSM and big bidness dissemination back in the day.

Integrity, doing the right thing when no one else will ever know, especially if it costs you money. An observation, not a lecture!
Ric Wernicke 1
This is nothing more than Governments (US, UK, & France) taking their share of the bribery and corruption budget. It will be shrugged off by Airbus as a cost of doing business. Like all other costs of doing business, it will be paid by the purchasers of their products.

I doubt any individuals involved will ever see a court room, let alone a jail cell. The Governments have their money and will move on.
linbb 0
Nothing new but finally hard evidence they have been doing it for years one way or another keeping AB sales to the EU customers going. Unlike Boeing lining the pockets of US customers so they would buy.

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