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Emirates To Stop All Passenger Flights Through March 25

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Emirates will stop all passenger flights as a way to stop the potential spread of COVID-19 through its worldwide route network. The airline said: "We made the decision to temporarily suspend all passenger flights by 25 March 2020. SkyCargo operations will continue. This painful but pragmatic move will help Emirates Group preserve business viability and secure jobs worldwide, avoiding cuts." ( المزيد...

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Andy Cruickshank 3
The headline says "through" March 25th and the text says "by March 25th" The seconds seems more plausible
Samuel Seaman 2
They were in a difficult situation, stop flying, leave millions stranded, or keep flying and try to get as many as possible home....a rock and a hard place comes to mind.....
Jonathan Kensall 2
When you look at radar 24 there are so many flights all over Europe. Surely they should all be grounded except for flights approved by the government’s? It’s very easy to see how this virus is being spread
John Ward 2
As I write 6,900 aircraft in the air! Always in excess of 6,500 aircraft in the air, do the maths!
Peter Sykes 2
The timing of this decision was made after a great deal of soul-sdearching and based on a full risk assessment. I am pretty sure they got it right.
mbrews 1
- Requoting Lebron : " It's about dam time " But very, very, very late in the dynamics of spread. EA should have ceased/paused in say, February 2020. That's when the patterns of global spread were abundantly clear to World Health Organization.
sharon bias 1
Emirates flew into some sketchy airports as far as Corona is concerned, including Iran. They don't need to be spreading that stuff around.
Rizwan Rizvi 7
JFK and EWR are sketchier than Tehran these days.
John Ward 0
I was amazed that after the outbreak in Wuhan 30 odd flights a day were taking off from there to all parts of the world for ‘at least’ three weeks! Crazy!
John Ward 0
I know it’s easy to say, but, they are ALL too late! Had this action had been implemented by ALL airlines a month or so ago the virus could have been restricted! Too late now!
belzybob 0
I read that they have already back-tracked on that decision.

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