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Volga-Dnepr Grounds Antonov 124 Fleet Following Crash

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ussian cargo airline Volga-Dnepr has grounded its fleet of Antonov An-124 aircraft. According to the airline, the grounding is a proactive and pre-emptive decision following a near catastrophe earlier in November for the An-124 RA-82042. ( المزيد...

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Paul Burns 2
That is unfair comment. The head of Volga-Dnper put out a detailed and comprehensive statement which it is to be hoped other leaders in the aviation industry might emulate in the future. Antonov I would assume already have the answers but require and objective third party overview of their post accident review in case they have overlooked some detail. My opinion as an objective Irishman is that Antonov have approached this ,thankfully no loss of life situation, with refreshing candour and maturity...Paul P Burns
linbb 1
After watching a video of one taking off in Aussy land and the controler said I hope there is enough battery left for the crash. It took ever foot of paved runway to get off and the dust blast caused by the engines was quite impresive. So they operate unlike any thing in the normal world more like a third world airline.
Melvyn James 0
As an aircraft engineer with 51 years experience, I can assure the first respondent that no transport aircraft has been built which could have landed in any reasonable distance at the payload and fuel state experienced by that 124. Standard practice would have been to burn off or dump fuel before landing. Clearly, this was not possible because of the miscellaneous system failures experienced by the crew. Early investigations will no doubt concentrate on the uncontained turbine failure followed by a review of airframe damage tolerance . Remember the United DC-10 at Sioux City

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