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British Airways agrees to require negative coronavirus tests before New York flights

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NY Gov. Cuomo says he’s asked Delta, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic to ensure travelers test negative for coronavirus before flying from the U.K. to the U.S. More than two-dozen countries have restricted travel from the U.K. because of a highly contagious strain of the virus there. ( المزيد...

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ken young 2
Once vaccines become mire widely available, look for international carriers to begin requiring proof of vaccination as a prerequisite to boarding an international flight,
Qantas has already made such an announcement. I also believe this has a chance to filter over to US Based domestic carriers and flights.
Cuomo is a grandstanding calculating political opportunist. His decisions and mandates are not based in science. They are decisions which placate and pander to his downstate voting base.
ken young 3
Jim Smirh 2
I'm betting the new strain is already here. It could have come in from any flight/ship/country. Maybe on the flights that brought in the vaccines. A negative test 72 hours ago doesn't mean a thing right now. Gov. Cuomo is doing his best but he's no scientist. At least he is trying to do something, unlike too many other politicians.

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