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Video: Passenger Taped Plane Landing, Got Footage Of Near Collision With U.F.O.

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Not exactly what one plans to see when taking video of their plane's descent ( المزيد...

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Roger Anderson 2
Many questions about this fake video:

- Singapore Airlines narrow body out of Zurich?
- Audio doesn't match
- The F/A announcements don't make sense
- Why is there sudden vibration during the bank and why did they bank towards the object rather than away?
Sean Martin 2
yeah...lots wrong with this video. To begin with the plane is climging out on takeoff, not landing. easy enough to tell considering they are angled up and the ground is getting father away. but the leading edge devices are also being retracted. and as Roger stated, why does the plane shake during the turn? I will tell you why, to conveniently make the video blurry right when the object goes by. Also, if they knew they needed to turn to avoid the object, why waste time to announce the brace...just turn, and everyone is already seated so that is a redundant call as well. all the audio, the shaking, and the video blur was all added after the fact to increase the "drama"
Benpa28 1
I agree with the comments below, the FA or cockpit announcement seems fake, like the audio was added post edit. The engine noise and sound of people crying do not seem right. I wonder if the audio from the crash scene from the film Flight was used with Denzel. The sound of the engines do not match what most modern engines make at full throttle when observed from inside the fuselage. The engine tone goes from modern to something a lot older and noisier. The climbing turn just looks like a standard procedure following a SID. This is not landing.
The UFO itself would be almost stationary judging by the passing speed relative to the ground, could have been a balloon, if so the CMOS shutter effect would make it appear elongated on the video as it passed from left to right. That or UFO was added post edit.
Of course we'd all love to believe but think some clever editing of a normal flight has taken place.
Mike Mohle 1

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