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Biden to impose South Africa travel ban, & other entry bans, to combat new COVID-19 variant

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WASHINGTON, Jan 24 (Reuters) - President Joe Biden will impose a ban on most non-U.S. citizens entering the country who have recently been in South Africa starting Saturday in a bid to contain the spread of a new variant of COVID-19, U.S. public health officials told Reuters. Biden on Monday is also reimposing an entry ban on nearly all non-U.S. travelers who have been in Brazil, the United Kingdom, Ireland and 26 countries in Europe that allow travel across open borders, said the sources, who… ( المزيد...

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patrick baker 3
suppose you are skydiving and you discern some problem- bag lock, partial opening ( it gets even louder),or any other condition that you have maybe less than a minute to resolve. Training says how to mitigate- and you do it NOW. Why is this in any way different? People flying from J-berg must be prevented today from coming here, for they may be bringing more diverse and dangerous covid offerings to us all. And none of them can come until they get the situation solved.
Tim Dyck 3
Today’s Wednesday, the ban starts Saturday? I don’t know how many flights a day come from those destinations but if this truly is a serious health threat the why wait 2 or three days?
mbrews 2
The Reuters report was posted Sunday Jan 24. According to a newer NBC report, Pres. Biden has signed the related order Monday Jan 25. It appears that South Africa & the UK unfortunately are epicenters of a newer, more contagious type of virus. The good news is : Moderna reports Jan 25 that they're developing a new booster shot, aimed to counteract the new variant. Scary - I fear a future of back-and-forth whack-a-mole campaigns, against a steadily mutating virus :(
Tim Dyck 1
Ooops I appear to have completely lost track of time. Yesterday when I made the previous post was Sunday not Wednesday. I guess that make this even worse as it is now seven days of flights from hotspots.
Anyone remember back in 2002-2003 when the original SARS was going around and flights from hotspots were stopped the day an outbreak occurred and people who recently arrived from those places were quarantined?
This is the most poorly managed health crisis in my lifetime. Imagine if COVID had a higher mortality rate?
david fairchild -1
I find it comical, how the politicians, the decision makers, announce an upcoming lockdown, ban or curfew, with a 4 or 5 day warning. We see people going out and partying all week, because there was a ban on gatherings or going out to bars announce for the following weekend. All travel should be banned immediately, not next week, and not just from one place or country.
Mike Mohle 2
Makes no sense. If it is that important, implement it today, turn the planes around..... Or, they know something we don't.
mbrews 0
Nothing comical. There IS NO 4 or 5 DAY DELAY. Biden signed Executive Order ONE DAY after the news leaked. No thanks to T.D. for inserting misinformation.

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