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The Plane That Had It All: The Rise and Fall Of The Boeing Clipper 314

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Travel was very different in the decades before the Second World War. Flying boats offered luxuries and facilities that have not been seen since. The Boeing 314 was one of the most capable and successful flying boats. It had a glamourous but short life though. New airports and aircraft post-war moved the focus to land, with the 314 ending the flying boat era. ( المزيد...

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coinflyer 6
If you like the PanAm Clipper I can highly recommend Ed Dover's book "The Long Way Home" - the story of how a Pan American Airways B-314 flying boat, caught in the South Pacific following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, did something unprecedented in total secrecy and radio blackout. But to not spoil anything I'll say no more!
James Simms 2
Teaching a Senior Adult class this Summer on ‘Little known Events, Incidents, & People of World War Two. This event will be among my first classes. Have enough subject matter for three eight meeting sessions, two+ years each.
sparkie624 1
Will certainly look for it... Sounds like it would make a great movie!
emkostiuk 1
I concur excellent book
bbabis 1
I enjoyed that book. Reading this made me get it out again. Great story and it would be a good movie if hollywood wouldn't screw it up.
dardav 1

Check this out and then buy the book
Jasper Buck 1
Nice shoutout for a great book. I have a copy in my office library. A fascinating tale about a Pan Am B-314 caught in the South Pacific which made an unplanned flight around the world following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. They flew in total secrecy and radio blackout over ____ miles in ____ weeks, avoiding enemy action in their effort to return safely to the United States. A really good read IMHO. You have to read it to fill in the blanks. ;-)

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graeme lang 0
No mention of the Glen L. Martin Mars? The JRM was largest of all the operational flying boats, setting a record of carrying 300+ pax in 1948(?) and another record non-stop flight from Honolulu to Chicago, landing in Lake Michigan. Martin built 6 for the USNavy and one or two may still be airworthy operated by the Canadian company Coulson.

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