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Pentagon crafts three-way plan to scrap dozens of older A-10 planes

Seems the oldest of the aircraft are being -- retired -- and I would guess become spare part beds for those that remain. ( More...

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Mark Kelley is right, there is no suitable replacement for the A-10, yet the USAF has tried to rid itself of the ugly duckling for decades.
ADXbear 7
Poor A10, all its ever done is be the best friend to troops on the ground at a bargain price compared to 5th generation aircraft.. the Generals want there toys..

American say keep the A10s just like you have kept the B52s
Billy Koskie 6
Yet another attempt by the Air Force to get rid of A-10s without regard to the lives saved by the aircraft. Without a clear and unbiased assessment of how many hours are left in the airframes PLUS a replacement plan (and not by B-1B bombers or F-16 fighters), every single A-10 needs to be kept in top shape and the pilots given sufficient flight time to maintain proficiency.
Roy Hunte 3
I was noticing that during the Clinton and Obama administrations they talked about retiring them as well. Any trend there?
matt jensen 3
The idiots that run the Air Force have been trying to kill the A-10 since the late 1980s. Their idea was to replace the A-10 with the F-16. Huh? F-16 rolls in, makes one pass and heads for the barn. The A-10 lingers for ever, doing the job.

When the balloon went up in Kuwait, who did they call? Read about the trans ocean crossing of the A-10s. Hand flown with a full bladder for hours! Now, that's dedication.

It seems to me that the Air Force brass need to have the bat jammed up the ol' exhaust pipe to get their attention. IMHO, one of the major reasons that we have an AF is that there is some poor grunt down in the mud or sand that needs help now, not when it's convenient.

I hope that Mark Kelly and others who have their heads screwed on right, prevail in stopping this travesty.
Gary Bain 2
Seems to me that the best option would be to hand the A-10 over to the Army....but oh no, can't have the Army flying jets. The AF brass would rather provide p...poor close air support (as James Driscol notes) capability using F-22's, F35's, F-15's that are simply not capable of doing what the A-10 does. Give the airplanes to people who know, can and will provide real close air support. Army supporting for me.


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