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Tequila Bottles Found on New Boeing Air Force One Jet in Development

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Two empty liquor bottles were found this month on one of Boeing Co. ’s new Air Force One planes under development in San Antonio, people familiar with the matter said. ( المزيد...

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bigkahuna400 37
Why put out here an article that requires a subscription????
Mike Williams -1
It is only $$$!
Jim Mitchell -7
Just scroll down and you can read.
Gary Plewa 10
You mean scroll down to read just two short paragraphs, right? You need a subscription to view the full story.
Dave Mathes 12
....I know it doesn't appear to be much of a issue reading some of the posts here, but it does concern me that Boeing pretty much continues un-checked in their accountability for issues like this...or should I perhaps touch the nerve that pride in American workmanship depicted in articles like this just doesn't mean shit anymore....
Alex Szkabarnicki 1
Like we said at MDCAN, who can see the flaw at 30,000 ft !
Greg S 9
It must've been another tequila sunrise at Boeing's plant.
pilotjag 8
Another great article…
David Westner 3
Thanks for the link!
Well somebody is really pissed at their boss.
christopher urwin 8
Time to clean house at that facility
tlfys1 9
Well it was in San Antonio. If they had been found full that would have been the real news story...
ImperialEagle 11
What was Hunter doing around there, anyway?
Brian Rushfeldt 12
they better check for the cocaine bag too.
Dale Ballok -1
You guys are killin’ it!👍😂😂😂
Mark Kortum 6
He became an avionics engineer after his oil and gas career did not pan out.
Wm. Mark Meiggs 1
Wrong family…it was Bevis and Butthead.
Ken Jackson 2
Paywalls are not nice.
yatesd 2
The people that work on the new VC-25s (and the current fleet when they are in depot) all have Yankee White clearances. These are a pain in the ass to get and maintain. If you were found to be the culprit in this, you would be instantly fired. Don't know who would be so stupid to risk this.
Warren Craycroft 2
... But there's booze in the blender
And soon it will render
That big-ass airplane that POTUS flies on
Brian Rushfeldt 2
hope the tequila spill did not damage any of the components!!
Ronald Spencer 2
If you want to cause a hissy fit on a worksite take some empty alcohol containers to work and leave them in hidey hole
M20ExecDriver 1
Want to find nip bottles in a factory? Talk to the plumbers who maintain the toilet facilities. This goes for management's too.
David Ingram 1
They were miniatures. Any decent aircraft worker in Texas would have left gallon bottles.
Butch Hollingsworth 1
I bet those will not be the last Liquor bottles found on those planes!! Even when they become AF1!
M20ExecDriver 1
Probably put there by an outsourced subassembly worker.
Mark Kulda 1
If you read more closely they were two MINIATURE bottles of 1 ounce each. Not exactly a very big deal.
Michael Ragsdale 1
No kidding, I agree. Should it have happened, no. Is the aircraft going to crash on take-off because of it? Very unlikely. But the media loves to hate Boeing.
Stefan Sobol 1
They're used airplanes pulled from the desert. They are being gutted. Who says they weren't there when the planes came in?
Mark Kortum 1
What kind? Cheap tequila is really awful.
silvano Cerboneschi 1
Bourbon could be better
Bernie20910 0
Well, at least they weren't vodka bottles.
Jaime Terrassa 0
I hope that the person had cloves on so his fringerprints could not be traced
Dennis Stockton 0
Bah. They were Qingdao bottles left by the Chinese workers.
2sheds -1
I agree with those who think it's not a big deal.
On a plane like that there are likely uncountable engineering and build !#@%-ups that dwarf any QA problems of that sort. We hope they are found in test - but not always.
I had a PM who kept a couple of bottles of hard stuff in his desk - for medicinal purposes only - and we never had issues with what we built over 40+ years of total success in a program that had access requirements far beyond this.
It's likely a plant to cause just this kind of front-page splash.
Dave Mathes 3
...eloquently glossed over...
Lewis Tripp -9
So what? Big deal.

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