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FedEx air shipments delayed as omicron variant sickens pilots

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FedEx joins Alaska Airlines, United, Southwest etc. that are experiencing pilot call outs. ( المزيد...

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Elliot Cannon 3
After 830,000 deaths including over 1000 children and some people still believe the politicians instead of the scientists. Hey! If it doesn't affect you personally, who cares right? Especially if there's money to be made.
Kelly Schindler 4
My body my choice right?
Jim Smirh 2
Thanks for doing your part... oh, wait... never mind.
Kelly Schindler 0
😂😂Keep gettin your jabs jimmy! If that makes you sleep better by all means get em all!
strickerje 1
Not over 1000 children, actually:

And of course, now we're finally being told what we knew all along - that having a post-mortem COVID diagnosis doesn't mean that's what killed you, and that case counts aren't the indicator of trouble when the variants are getting milder.

Reaching a different conclusion from you isn't "believing the politicians instead of the scientists"; in fact, I'd say if I only listened to the politicians throughout all this, I'd be afraid of my own shadow by now.
avionik99 2
Testing positive and being sick as a dog with the flu are 2 completely different things!! To test without symptoms for Omicron means get back to work! The rule should be ...No symptoms, no testing.
paul trubits 5
That is what the NFL did
Mike Mohle -1
Exactly. I have 3 guys home this week that got tested (do not know why -- maybe Fauci said to) and POSITIVE, no systems but think they need to quarantine.
Eric Kulisch 3
I think Delta is saying people are sick, have symptoms. They aren't randomly testing employees.
Bayne Just -3
The jab weakens the immune system and makes people more susceptible to the variants and other illnesses.
Jim Smirh 1
richoff 2
Check some of these reports and make up your mind

and thousands of other testimonials
Disclaimer - I don't swallow all the stories, but they certainly make me think.
George Schulte -4
How come the are sickened when they received the mandatory jab?
Jim Smirh 2
Vaccines rarely "prevent", but they nearly always lessen the severity of the disease they are designed for. Very few virus' have been eliminated but more and more are being made less dangerous through research. "Sickened" for a few days is much better than "dead" in a few days, in my humble opinion. Immeasurable thanks, again, for those with the job of delivering as much aid as possible to the unvaccinated.
Eric Kulisch 3
richoff -1
Glad you didn't call it a vaccine

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