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FAA yanks proposed safety conditions for FedEx missile defense system

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FAA says safety rules for a FedEx missile defense system are not ready for prime time. ( المزيد...

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patrick baker 8
with appropriate disrespect for the FAA, those deep thinkers and confused regulators, an acccomplished, profitable, company has identified an exposure and offered what they are willing to pay for and install on their aircraft, because they are a forward thinking enterprise. This is to address a defficiency the FAA is still having exploratory meetings about, and will get to some position statement this year or next. FEdEx believes this is the proper first step and will stay working on this situation until a solution and resolution is achieved. FAA: either lead, follow or get out of the way.
dnorthern 1
Biden world.

Down vote if you must, but doing so changes not reality and only exposes your deep seated need to support a fool
Cleffer 1
And just because you say something, doesn't mean it's factual.
dnorthern -7
One could say you are an apologist and one would be correct.

The FAA is his and is on his watch.

Thanks for playing. Always good to educate the uninformed like you
Bill Ross 4
Mind you tongue, remain civil
Cleffer 3
There is not one thing incorrect about what I said. Your viewpoint is simple narcissism - “Everything I say is infallible, how dare anyone question my beliefs or viewpoints!” You’ve failed. You’ve educated no one. A closed mind (such as yours) is unable to “educate” because you don’t understand that which YOU oppose. Once again, narcissism. Good day.

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هل علمت بأن خاصية تتبع الرحلة التابعة لـFlightAware مدعومة بواسطة الإعلانات؟
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