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Russian Flight from Moscow, (DME) Russian Federation into EU Airspace

Can someone explain this Russian flight being shown as departing from Moscow(DME), Russian Federation to where? Is this just a fake flight through Belarus into Poland I am seeing.... Volga-dnepr 5960 -- VDA5960 / VI5960 today March 15, 2022 ( More...

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jptq63 3
BTW, yes, correct me if I am wrong or just seeing things right now. Hope you understand my shock to see this....
jptq63 2
Think I might have found the answer and my apology if this is -- old -- news. Link:
AviationScott 3
You don’t think Poland is already moving their aircraft out of the country, because they’re concerned about being attacked to you?

I will also say I think it’s absolutely disgusting that the Russian government is planning on basically just commandeering all of the commercial aircraft that are in their country right now with no rights of the owner to get the aircraft back in their possession. It’s really kind of screwed up. They said it accounts for about 700 airplanes that are in the country that are least airplanes that they are just taking claim to now including things like 777-300ERs! Siri how do you tack your neighbor and then get 700 airplanes for free?!?!

I think that’s a bunch of garbage. That’s exactly what they signed into law today is it today or Friday I forget which day but yeah that is how it works under their new law. Space is who the hell is gonna go there to pick one up at this point, I don’t think she’s had anybody from the leasing companies that be willing to go in there.


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