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FedEx, UPS feeder operator acquires small cargo airline

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Alpine Air Express bought Suburban Air Freight and is also converting a lot of planes for cargo. ( المزيد...

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avionik99 2
DHL along with fedex smartpost and ups surepost are terrible programs for the consumer. It can take 1-2 days or longer for your package to be delivered as they tender your package to your local USPS for delivery rather than deliver it themselves?? This Always causes a delay at one or both ends. A FedEx package arrived at a larger city just 40 miles away this last Sunday, but it will not be out for delivery til today Tuesday!! And the company made me pay for this sucky shipping!!
Eric Kulisch 5
Thanks for sharing your experience.
Ben Bosley 2
Sir this is a Wendy's drive thru
mbrews 1
Well Eric, this is an interesting story. Saw a similar trend in Wyoming USA, where Fedex contracts for small aircraft to distribute express packages. Casper, Rock Springs, etc. I believe the Operator is Corporate Air, using Cessna Caravan C208 equipment..

Rather challenging in Wyoming winters.

BTW I apologize to you for some testy comments about a different story last week. cheers
Eric Kulisch 2
mbrews, thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked the story. Yes, FedEx, UPS, DHL use some small contract carriers to reach the smaller towns and rural areas. I'm not familiar with Corporate Air, but will keep antenna up about them and FedEx. . . . No worries. Not every story is going to please everyone. And I make mistakes sometimes, so good when those called out. On story I'm thinking about it's just that my beat focuses on air cargo, so I look at broader issues through that lens.

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