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DFW airport to test 'tugbot' for cargo operations

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Dallas Fort Worth airport is on a tech spree, including autonomous trucks. Check out how they are using the technology for cargo. ( المزيد...

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Jack Hicks 3
Nothing can go wrong, go wrong,GO WRONG,GO WRONG ,OPS ---- !!!.
tlfys1 2
"We’ve got a safety rider onboard who’s got a big red stop button,” When the Cyberdyne goes rogue good luck with that. lol
Cleffer 1
There's a video game called "Detroit: Become Human" about a society very much like you're talking about. Humanoid robots have taken a large majority of jobs, leaving skyrocketing unemployment. The game depicts anti-robot human picket lines, human v. robot violence, and more. It's easy to imagine life proceeding down this path.
Cleffer 2
Sorry. Replied to wrong thread.
Michael Stansfield 2
When machines take all of the tasks that humans perform, what will humans do?
No, I am not anti-technology, but I think it is a valid question.
paul trubits 2
Spend 24-7 on social media?
ThinkingGuy 1
If I had to guess, I think the answer would be "clean up after computers' mistakes."
Eric Kulisch 1
I guess the thinking is do other/different tasks, more complex tasks.
jmilleratp 1
When the trucks become self-aware, watch this space for how that turns out. :-)
sparkie624 1
This just sounds wrong from so many view points... Wait til one runs onto a runway with a plane taking off.. Incursion. Not a good idea.

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