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New School in North Texas Could Be Key to Solving Staffing Issues in Aviation Industry

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With summer travel demand surging past pre-pandemic levels, passengers are dealing with cancellations and delays. It's made worse by the ongoing pilot shortage and staffing crisis. Major airlines are in full recruitment mode and local programs might be the key to bringing new talent into the industry.There was talk of a pilot shortage even before the pandemic. But when air travel plunged in 2020, it forced so many pilots into furloughs and early retirement. Now there's this huge gap… ( المزيد...

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Don’t worry the “pilot shortage” will be over once the economic downturn kicks in.
Chris Muncy 1
Upvote for Sam! Thanks for sharing.
Pete Pereira 1
The FAA had planned to kick off the effort to raise the retirement age for pilots to 67 sometime in the first half of 2020. COVID-19 appears to have put those plans on hold. Has anyone heard of a resuscitation of those plans? When the FAA (Congress actually) raised the experience requirements to 1500 hours circa 2009 as a perhaps warranted knee jerk reaction to a spate of accidents that year, exacerbating the pilot shortage, the ICAO was simultaneously making the Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL) effective internationally—allegedly to help alleviate the looming pilot shortage as it allows a pilot with only 250 hours of specialized training serve as FO on a scheduled commercial flight. Lower experience and higher age are both positively correlated with higher accident/incident rates, but no scientific method has been developed to precisely determine the cutoff age or experience level that can be considered "safe" due to the high variability in humans, not to mention the changing nature of technology which can change the picture. So it's trial and error. 1500 hours seems to have been a safe bet. So was 65. Adjust them and see what happens? Meanwhile society seems to be getting more and more intolerant of risk—to the point of absurdity, even if it is based on an appalling ignorance of how to properly assess risk.
avionik99 1
"Meanwhile society seems to be getting more and more intolerant of risk—to the point of absurdity, even if it is based on an appalling ignorance of how to properly assess risk."

So Very True!!

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avionik99 1
Is it because the government now demands new pilots have 1500 hrs instead of 250? Have any idea how much those extra hours costs in time and money? Very few can afford that. Therefore very few pilots can make it adding greatly to the huge shortage.

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