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Delta wins right to stay at Dallas airport after lawsuit

Delta Air Lines will get to stay at Love Field, the airport closest to downtown Dallas. The city council this week approved a settlement that will pay Alaska Airlines to let Delta use one of its gates. Southwest Airlines dominates traffic at Love Field, and it has long wanted to remove Delta from sharing one of its gates. ( More...

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Mike Boote 6
A settlement that benefits all parties. Alaska originally was being stubborn, but I read in another article they were using their two gates for two daily flights. Alaska gets $200,000 per year for their gate, Southwest can fully utilize gate 15, and Delta can expand service.

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Mike Boote 5
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jeff slack -5
........... Delta may be 'ready when you are' but I will be on Southwest.
Mike Boote 2
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Lewis Tripp 0
Agree 100%


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