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American Airlines Flight Attendant Named Longest Serving in History

Guinness World Records recently recognized Boston Woman Bette Nash as the Longest Serving and Most Senior Flight Attendant in History. Joining the Airline as a stewardess in 1957 (the same year as the first man-made satellite launch), Bette has served over 65 years with American Airlines, racking up thousands of miles. ( More...

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frequentflyguy 9
Had her 2x on shuttle. Very memorable! Good Old School service and personality. Made everyone feel special. She should be cloned.
We should introduce her to our chief pilot at Rochester Air center flight School John Dougherty at age 95 and still working, still teaching in the air (:
Damn he is really committed
He says he'll continue so long as he can maintain his "medical". Google search for recent local newspaper article. Rochester, NY
Correction....chief instructor....
Joe Serdynski 1
Excellent ! ! !
To Bette Nash,

Thank you for your service to the aviation industry. Your contributions are valued, like those of all other flight attendants.

From Toronto,
Abieshan Ganeshamurthi


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