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Gulfstream Showcases G800 at Farnborough 2022

Gulfstream Aerospace flew its newest jet, the G800, on its first international flight on July 15, 2022. The G800 test aircraft was flown to Farnborough, U.K. for the 2022 Farnborough Airshow. The G800 was first flown on June 28, 2022, and has been in development for close to a year. Gulfstream developed the jet as a long-range aircraft with a G650-sized cabin and features technology from the G700. ( More...

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Steve Stein 4
Russian oligarchs are salivating over them. Too bad their money is a tied up right now.
Bob Alexander 3
Does the G800 featured in the article have the same lines as the G700 in the photo? No pics of G800 available ?


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