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Cargo influences British Airways to use big jets on European hops

The cargo team at British Airways is substituting some large planes on intra-European routes for cargo reasons. ( More...

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mark robinson 4
Possibly an outcome of Brexit, with surface transport from the UK being subject to long delays at EU border posts. Airport cargo facilities are much more efficient and quicker these days. With time sensitive cargo, this makes the additional expense of air cargo much more acceptable.
But I would be interested to see if most of the cargo traffic is ex-UK, rather than into....
"Widebody aircraft, especially the 777, can hold much more cargo in the lower hold than standard passenger jets" Really, who would have guessed!
linbb 4
Wow what a news flash instead of two smaller ones use one large airplane to do that same job. That would be a normal reaction to any freight issue as one large cost other than normal upkeep on a pieced of equipment is the person or persons required to operate it in this case pilots.
Larry Horton 1
Question: on a recent BA flight London-Austin disembarking passengers was delayed when crew announced that last minute cargo additions were not included in calculations(assuming weight/balance). If the passengers would have gotten off the plane would have tipped tail down. This was an A-350. Now I have no experience in large jets or jets at all but this does not sound like a safe situation. Can someone comment on this for me.
Sorak 1
Larry, you don't mention is if there was actually a delay loading cargo at the beginning of the flight. A more likely scenario was a problem with the sky Bridge and getting it lined up with the door properly. By keeping everybody in their seats focused in a completely different direction it also encouraged everyone not yo dawdle once they let you off the plane.


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