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Qantas Adds 250,000 International Seats, Orders New Boeing 787-10s

On August 21, Qantas announced plans to increase its international capacity ahead of a reported order for an unspecified number of additional Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner aircraft. ( More...

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Greer Kemp 1
Good... does this mean they will also improve their in-flight services for pax and reduce costs... oh, silly me... of course not!
I’ve never flown domestically within Australia, New Zealand on Qantas, because I only fly long routes from the United States or Europe to Australia, and I find quanta service to be extraordinary. I guess you’ve had bad luck.
Greer Kemp 1
In the Asian region, they are considered, by expats, to be third or fourth on the list of most popular airlines - within Australia many people refuse to use them as they are expensive and quite a rip-off in comparison to others.
Yavar Khan 1
Never had a problem. Fantastic airline.


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