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Lufthansa Grounds Two Airbus A321 Freighters After Cracks Discovered in Fuselages

After discovering a crack in their fuselages, Lufthansa Cargo recently grounded two Airbus A321 Freighters (A321Fs). This issue is a first for the aircraft type and has brought concerns related to the A321Fs' passenger-to-cargo conversion design. ( More...

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Michael Kemper 10
These are 10+ year old planes, converted from passenger to freighter by third party companies, not by Airbus. So it does not really compare to structural issues on a factory-new Boeing.
BlueOak 5
Actually, if you read the article, Airbus managed the conversion, using a third party.

The article says nothing whatsoever about having determined whether the conversion caused the cracks.

One wonders whether the same cracks are as easy to spot on a passenger version, perhaps not as visible?

And 10 years is young or there’s no way commercial flying could survive, economically.
Vinny Canavan 1
These weren't structural issues, they were installer issues.
mbrews 3
Oh, great. Tell that to the people in the pointy end of these planes. Look at the words CONCERNS ABOUT DESIGN quoted below.

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HP Baumeister 1
mbrews 6
from the article : "The cracks discovered in these A321P2Fs (passenger-to-freighter conversions) raise concerns about the conversion design. Lufthansa Cargo undertook the conversions of its A321P2Fs with the help of company Elbe Flugzeugweke GmbH (EBW), a key player in the cargo conversion market. The company assisted with bringing the first Airbus A320P2F to fruition. "
John Prukop 2
Maybe they employed the same model airplane designer as featured in the Hollywood movie "Flight Of The Phoenix!" LOL.
Generally speaking, Lufthansa is not the Airline that used to be .

However, when it comes to discovering cracks in fuselage this is a concern of all Airlines. “Things that Airlines won’t tell you “ cracks are discovered now and then due to storms , lightning and other causes.

So, when a crack is discovered, it’s a good thing because that would prevent crashes and fatalities in the future.

A big shoutout for Airline mechanics for keeping our Aircraft’s safe .
linbb -8
Wow this cannot be but it did and not much on national news either. They are still running the Boeing story into the ground. Now a little problem that was caught and am sure was fixed if the part was avalible with no other problems
Torsten Hoff 13
I don't think the issues are comparable.

One resulted in an emergency landing and would have been a disaster with heavy loss of life if it had happened minutes later, and then the same underlying technical problem was found in a number of other aircraft.

The other was discovered on the ground (unclear whether during maintenance or operations) and affected freighters.

It's not unusual for fractures to be found in aircraft. If they are systematic, AD's are created on how to remedy them.
CaptJohn1 2
So you think a problem found on the ground, and being a freighter, means nothing?
Torsten Hoff 1
I didn't say that.

I only pointed out that the two incidents are not at all comparable in their severity, and that that is why they are getting different levels of attention from the press.
HP Baumeister 4
sounds like another "Boeing can't do wrong" disciple ...

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btweston 10
Not the same, friend.
C J 1
The media also didn't freak out when it was discovered that the 737 BCF mod was found to substantially weaken the fuselage to the point of it distorting so much that the cargo door can't close. Or when 737's were found to have cracked pickle forks. All news sources are selling you something, and nobody buys news that isn't sexy. It's not a conspiracy, news sources are just catering to those who they know will get fired up about dumb stuff...kinda like you did here.
HP Baumeister -1
yet again: sounds like another "Boeing can't do wrong" disciple ... what's wrong with you guys? This is aviation, not some "make Boeing great again" political game!
Alan Macdonald -4
Oh yes they are
HP Baumeister 1
zhouxiaohui -3
HP Baumeister 7
No need to yell!
Plus, must we just believe your claim, or do you have real evidence, please?
zhouxiaohui 0
all 330p2f operator faced the same problems ,you can do some research yourself


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