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Two African Planes Go For Slip And Slide On The Same Day

January is unfortunately shaping up to be quite a busy month in terms of aviation incidents, with the latest two coming out of the African continent. ( More...

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avionik99 7
Didn't a jet go off the runway in Rochester NY just yesterday??

Ken Burrage 3
Sure did. Slipped off the runway due to snow and ice. Thats my home airport. KROC
Peter Fuller 4
Also in Africa on that same day, more serious than slipping off a runway into the mud: a Jetways Airlines Fokker 50 turboprop freighter hit a house in Somalia, apparently while attempting a go-around from a landing approach, with at least one fatality.
godutch 5
...and they didn't blame either on Boeing??? (Sarcasm intended)
Larry Toler 7
In Africa, it was one ERMB135 and a -8. In ROC yesterday it was an EMB145LR. Boeing made neither aircraft. If they had, there would be more of a widespread story.
godutch 4
Duh...I knew they both were not Boeing! It was SARCASM!
Larry Toler 4
yes,indeed I knew you were being sarcastic. I was agreeing with you, chill.


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