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Cabin tour of Delta's new refreshed 737-800

Cabin tour of Delta's recently refreshed Boeing 737-800. This aircraft features 16 new first class seats, 36 Comfort Plus and 108 Main cabin seats for a total of 160. ( More...

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Matt West 30
Come on folks. There are so many platforms to air you political/personal non-aviation related views. FlightAware is not one of those. 99.9% of us visit the site to discuss aviation. Sure, we may argue about Airbus v. Boeing, P&W v RR v GE, but it's all aviation related.

There are precious few venues online today to escape the political BS. Can we keep it that way?!?!
avionik99 0
Problem is this forum does not allow one to delete a post! Is that just asinine or what? Know if any other forum like that?
Mike T 3
Given his fake name, what he says on other threads and the fact that he just kept arguing with everyone, I dont think a troll like "bill overdue" would have any intent of removing his comments even if he could.
lvenable 1
I think he meant delete someone else's post?
Roger Anderson 7
Imagine being a junior pilot and on one of your flights, and finding out the Captain is Bill Overdue
Greg S 7
The only plane Bill is the captain of is made by Fisher-Price.
Ricky Scott 3
Had I a Plane commander like him, id would have asked for a different crew.
Chris Muncy 5
I don't think I have ever seen so many downvotes on any post since joining in 2011....
Mike T 5
I have seen it once before. In a few more downvotes it will actually hide his post
John D 5
So, staying on topic, I was wondering why they did not use the new overhead bins when they redid this cabin. Did anyone else noting that one lone headrest sticking up.
BR5Engineering 1
when ur chillin like a villain on your personal throne in first class
carste10 0
I'm guessing that whole reason for the door plug is the actual door must be substantially heavier.

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excuse me mr "bill overdue", but the article has absolutely NOTHING to do with politics..this video is merely a cabin tour of a 737 "refreshed" interior,a bit like touring a model home or remodeled one with a video camera..if you wish to discuss issues and things NOT related to aviation,there are many other sites on those topics available..
Mike Boote 16
Could you possible be more off-topic? You're entitled to you opinion, but your rant belongs on a politics forum, not an aviation forum.

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Michael Hawke -8
Sorry to burst your maga bubble. They aren’t illegals. All the people being flown were processed at the border and registered.

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John D 3
When they say they are independent....
Kind of like 'I did my own research...'
Philip Lanum 3
Sitting on the toilet and looking at your phone....... is not research. /s
Michael Hawke -4
So what does being an independent have to do with it? I never said you were Republican or democrat. And there is nothing liberal about me. Just a realist and tired of name calling as a political method.

It the statement was about the immigrants that are being transported on planes. They have all been processed and are awaiting hearing dates as per the law. If the people who are upset about this works had pressured their congressmen to affect change to immigration law over the last 20 years maybe this wouldn’t be an issue. But everyone would rather point fingers and call names then actually address the real problem.
Pat Barry 6
Michael, the fact that they have been processed doesn't make them legal aliens. They are still illegal, just processed by reporting their names. If they go to a sanctuary state then the feds won't find them. Fewer than 5% appear for their court hearing.
Chuck Thomas 3
In fairness, you apologized in your comment for “bursting his maga bubble” which in current vernacular would imply you are calling him a Republican. And it would seem you used the maga adjective in a derisive manner, hence you are guilty of the very “name calling as a political method you decry.

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Mike T 6
Take your BS somewhere else. It has nothing to do with this post.

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Mike T 4
Just like you being a naval aviator has nothing to do with anything, your comments have nothing to do with this thread and they dont belong here. Go find a political forum to post this crap on because this is not the place for it.
Paul Littlewood -1
So get on the phone to Adolf Johnson and tell him to ignore Dear Fuhrer and sign the bill.

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Bill Overdue -5
Yes, I'm correct. And yes, it is unfortunate! Cheerz
boughbw -8
A simple tour of a refreshed Delta 737-800 cabin... oh you silly people. What no one is talking about is how the government uses chemtrails to activate mind-control substances contained in the Biscoff cookies to cause people to fight mid-flight. The only thing stopping them is the activation of COVID vaccines counteracting the "fight response" using 5g signals on the ground. That's why the FAA had to stop the deployment of 5g near airports! Wake up sheeple!
boughbw 5
I love how nobody gets that this is a joke.
Mike T 6
I was wondering if that was sarcasm, but given some of the other comments that werent, you never know on this one.
John D 3
You know, given the kook fringe posts we see here, I’m not surprised. Probably read the room first. I want sure myself.
boughbw 4
The Internet has no filter. A nice refresh of a 737 interior and some nut concludes we're using them to stash illegal aliens in airports.
Billy Croan -2
Anyone else notice the crooked middle seat in row 7 and the headrest messed up in 6? if that's the condition in the video they intentionally release to show off their fleet i'd hate to see what they look like every day.
Mike T 1
Well to start, the headrests move so there is really nothing wrong with it. As mentioned on the channel, the Youtube has no affiliation or connection to any airlines, so it isnt Delta produced content. The video was literally taken after everyone deplaned off of a revenue flight and before it had been cleaned or anything. So your theory of Delta making the aircraft spotless and in pristine condition for photos & videos is completely false. Kind of just seems like you have a chip on your shoulder...
John D 0
I didn’t notice the crooked seat, but I did see the raised headrest.


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