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Student Pilot Crashes Stolen Aircraft In Fannin County

The Texas Department of Public Safety has reported that a student pilot was killed in a plane crash in Fannin County after stealing an aircraft from Addison Airport (ADS). ( More...

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Bill Overdue 2
Hmm, sad. I'm guessing suicide, wonder why? 23 yrs old and everything to live for!
linbb 6
That was pretty much what the article said he did from the start when he refused any communication from the tower. Then putting it into some what of a vertical dive said it all.
ToddBaldwin3 2
Not to mention the suicide note in his residence.
Bill Overdue 2
Yes that's a dead giveaway for sure!
sparkie624 1
With a Suicide Note, there is no way to deny it... With that in mind, He will not have any insurance coverage if he was planning on that as a reason!
Larry Toler 2
He didn't think he had anything to live for.
Brent Lee 3
God rest his soul from whatever demons he was afflicted with. Amen 🙏
sparkie624 2
I hate to say this, but from Biblical Reference.. That probably is not going to happen! Taking your own life for any reason is a Bad Sin!
Bill Overdue 0
Some are saying it was a racist airplane. We can only hope thats not true! I believe this is counter productive, although Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s racist roads and streets without sidewalks still haunt us today.
Greg S 3
Groypers are vermin, they're part of the environment but it makes people sick to see them. Please stay under the rock where you belong.
sparkie624 2
Racist?? Can you expound how an airplane can be Racist?
Tflys1 1
Had something similar happen back in the late 80s/early 90s out of San Antonio. Young guy rented a brand new C172 from local FBO and flew it into the ground at high speed. It was found later that he was employed at a local bank and had embezzled a small amount of money from the bank and got caught. I said it back then and I will say it now, if your going to off yourself there are plenty of highway overpasses or tall buildings around that would help you do the job so leave the perfectly good airplanes alone.


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