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Houston to Chicago Flight Diverts in St. Louis

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A Continental Airlines flight from Houston to Chicago diverted in St. Louis after officials say a passenger tried to open a plane door during the flight. ( المزيد...

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Wendell Smith 0
Strong kidney punch followed by esophagus claw grab, flip him on his back while he is incapacitated then choke him out.
Jeff Lawson 0
Flight track for the [ diverted COA546 flight].
Toby Sharp 0
@ Wendell Smith....... Wendell Smith For President!
chalet 0
Toby, Toby, c'mon, too much violence when three double-scotches or similar quatities of Jack Daniels would do it. LOL.
Toby Sharp 0
But then passengers would be acting up just to get boos! Ha
chalet 0
And the girls might feel like doing a strip tease
Charles Collins 0
This is a big problem that I have thought about before and it needs to be addressed. I know it is impossible to open a plug door, but some of those doors open outward. If some crazy-ass where to open the door, it could spell disaster.
chalet 0
Even outward opening doors just can not be opened at normal traveling speeds 450 KIAS or whatever as the relative wind pressure can not be overcome. It could be a problem at low leves/low speeds.
James Cartwright 0
Even at 100kts you cant open a Cessna door. This is not a problem. Just a bad apple trying to get attention. If we give it to him then he wins!
Nige Lites 0
Impossible to open door in flight....
Unless you're in a Movie, wearing a Parachute, or fighting a Baddie wearing a Parachute, then the door just pops open as soon as you lean against it, and out you tumble...

And of course everyone knows that if it happens in a movie it must be real, I mean they wouldn't just make stuff up or fake it for the sake of a storyline, now, would they.
Fred Harmonium 0
Just one word:
chalet 0
Fred Cooper knew what he was doing as he ordered the pilot to fly low 10,000 ft and slow 110 KIAS and not to pressurize the cabin and when he wanted to jump he simply lowered the rear stairs which was easy as hydraulic cylinders/actuators did the job, he did not have do it with his hands. OK, we all agree that opening the large doors of an airliner at normal speeds/altitudes is not pot possible, but would it be possible to open an emergency door when an airliner is flying at low altitudes and the cabin is unpressurized; after pushing the lever they could be yanked inside the plane. And then of course there is another big problem for the pilot: the aerodynamics would be terribly ruined by the inflatable slide/raft unless the break off.
Nino Chiste 0
Are there any answers obtained from the black boxes of the doomed flight
of Air France from Rio to Paris in the summer of 2009 ?

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