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Plane makes emergency landing in Phoenix

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PHOENIX - Airport officials say a Southwest Airlines jetliner carrying 139 people has made a safe emergency landing in Phoenix after one of its engines failed. ( المزيد...

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Jeff Lawson 0
[ Flight history for SWA427], but it flew to its normal destination with no diversion or track deviations.
preacher1 0
What's the big deal? Planes are certified to fly on one engine and Pilots are trained to fly them that way. You don't really want to I do believe that's what the Emergency crews are for, are they not?????
Bill Halpin 0
OMG this story just had to be broadcasted on ABC 15 in PHX. WE have more serious news that needs to be reported but lets make an issue about this event. Who cares if the Country is going to hell we need to talk about big bad SWA and flying a loaded aircraft on 1 engine. Give me a break!
indy2001 0
At least one of these precautionary diversions happens every day. We had one here in Indianapolis this past week. Do we really need to post them here? It's a normal part of the aviation world, and actually shows how safe the system is.
Joel Shkedy 0
If you really want to see how many times a day this happens, go to "". Every single thing that mishaps in aviation is documented. Enjoy
Rudy R. Faircloth 0
So, So rediculous...I didn't even read the story, just you guys comments which I may say probably makes more sense than the story itself. Good job guys!!!!!
Rudy R. Faircloth 0
So, so rediculous....I haven't even read the story...just you guys' comments, which I might say is more entertaining and informative. Reminds me of the time me and friends were watching a super bowl and the local TV statiion broke in to report a local warehouse (empty) on fire. The winning pass was made during that break......the media...such attention getters.
Capt. Robert Frangione 0
If I remember training, we had engine failure under abnormal, not emergency
sparkie624 0
Another SWA Event. They are in the news of problems more than all the other airlines combined. This should tell somebody something.
Richard Harrell 0
Unless it's extended single-engine operation (like ETOPS or >50% total available power lost in 3- or 4-engine AC) then it really isn't news, right? Maybe we should report other significant failures, like: "Chocolate chip cookies not served on Frontier flight from Denver to Kansas City on Monday, due to oven failure... 138 passengers aboard were reported to be, 'very disappointed' in the loss of confection consumption".

On a more serious note regarding Southwest (before we start saying that we're hearing more negative news about them lately), I would perhaps stop and consider actual vs. perceived events and use some stats to back-up such accusations. Perhaps, there is something to it, but without the data or significant testimony, I wouldn't jump to conclusions.

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