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At least 220 evacuated after plane's landing gear and tyre catch fire .

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About 220 passengers aboard an American Airlines flight from Paris to Chicago ( المزيد...

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matthew koller 0
Well, when the stupidity of the us govt results in the FAA shutting down, more of these type
of things are going to happen. For one reason, morale in the aviation maintenance community at an all time low. I am a mechanic with a degree from embry riddle and its quite sad at the level of misery aviation mechanics feel these days especially with the union busting bullchit on our minds. No surprise the tire caught fire no doubt due to underinflafed tires or worn brakes that heated up on landing and more than likely melted the bead of a tire, resulting in a tire igniting. Too bad these type of incidents are going to become far more numerous. Unless of course commercial aviation mechanics come to work not so depressed and miserable. Unlikely that will change until our economy comes out of the crapper,which won't happen since the govt is broken. Broken because the greedy and power hungry racist rich white old men republicans won't under any circumstance agree with anything Obama says much less help him fix our dying economy
The American dream is gone and has become the American fantasy.
alistairm 0
@Matthew: wow, that is scary to read Matthew. I know that i come to work jaded sometimes, but i am not responsible for maintaining an aircraft that holds hundreds of people. If this is really the case, something needs to happen fast! Perhaps all it would take is to have some sort of rally before the mechanics get to work, something to pump them up and make them remember that the job they do, is extremely important. This is just a suggestion, for i don't want depressed mechanics working on the plane i will fly in.
matthew koller 0
It's a double edged sword in our world. Don't get me wrong, we all take extreme pride ln what we do for a living, but the reality is hard to ignore. Pink slips are a monthly occurrence in the industry, but irregardless of all of this, the work quality is not affected to such a point where even I would be concerned. Still, Dow near 600 point drop today, everyone hurts until the us govt can get along with each other. Meaningless as it is, since only the top one percent of all Americans who could make a real difference in politics in aviation, fly private jets so why would they care? Still we come to work, still we hope the skies stay safe.

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