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NTSB: Plane struck Alaska mountain in heavy fog

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — An investigator looking into a fatal plane crash in Alaska says one of the four survivors told him the small aircraft struck the side of a mountain in fog so thick, it created . . . ( المزيد...

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peter martin 0
I'm very sorry to hear of this tragedy. condolences to all concerned.
linbb 0
Its a terrable thing that the pilot contiued into that kind of weather with others on board. It happens all to often that they push the limits once too many times with this result. Also killing a person who relys on the pilot to make the right calls.
dmanuel 0
Does the terrain feature of most aviation GPS units, cover Alaska, to the degree that IFR pilot could make a safe (emergency) egress from inadvertant IMC?
Horace Sinclair 0
CFIT is a frequent event in Alaska, I hope local pilots arm their aircraft with the be technology so as to avoid these sad circumstances.
linbb 0
Flying in better weather would help and yes better pilot would be the answer there Sinclair rather than pushing the weather which happens all too often and up there it can close in on all sides in seconds giving you no way out. And no up is not always an option either as you can be too close already to that rock cloud.
Keith Washburn 0
I imagine that Mr. Butler must have a vast amount of experience to draw such occlusions about Mr. Chase's piloting skills. However having known Mr. Chase since I got my first flying job some 35 years ago I would wager that Mr. Chase had more time in the airport outhouse than mr. Butler has total flying time with that being said I would say maybe mr.Butler should keep thoughs kind of judgements to himself.
Joshua Reinertsen 0
sorry for your lost keith
linbb 0
Kieth am sorry for your loss but read the report that the NTSB posted as to what happended. He flew into lowering weather in the mountains trying to get under it untill the clouds met the ground and then he did the same. I have lost friends and people that I knew and worked on some of there airplanes over the years too. One crash killed a young family of four that I was very close to and he did exactly what your friend did. Learn from it and dont make the same mistake please.
eagle5719 0
I imagine it would cost billions, but Alaska needs a better system of navaids and with enough radar to cover the whole area operated by air traffic controllers. Unless there is a long period of very clear weather for safe VFR flight, IFR only could then be mandated. The existing FAA regs right now are very clear about cloud and fog restrictions on VFR flying.

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