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Brazil's Jet Junkyards

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Brazil's airplane cemeteries are becoming an Olympian problem. Some are blocking expansions to handle planeloads of World Cup and Olympics fans. ( المزيد...

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mike SUT 3
One of the problems that are created by these overseas dumps is that parts find their way back into the system without the proper inspection process and then put back on aircraft. It has happened from Asian recyclers, my airline discovered some of the parts that had been certified...used...and later found out that the certification was bogus. Corrosion in that humid environment is rampant.
Tom Bruce 2
fun to google earth these airports in So America and see all the relics sitting around... try La Paz in Bolivia
sparkie624 2
Is anyone here that is QC Qualified to do NDT testing on this plane. Not to find out what has corrosion, but what part of it does not have corrosion! :) What a real mess.
Wingscrubber 2
Money can be made from recycling old airplanes like these - they have significant scrap value for their raw materials alone.
linbb 2
No wonder they parked them they are rusting, didnt know they were made of steel.LOL Only in a country like that could this happen,courts who do nothing and airplanes rotting away just because the system is so broken.

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jwm707 1
The planes shown in the photos are mostly old Boeing 737s, a 727 and one DC-8. The only Embraer shown is a Brasilia, which looks like it has been cannibalized for parts.
pfp217 2
Agreed, I'd bet that the aircraft in Kingman or Marana or Victorville would eventually look the same if they were parked in a comparable climate such as Southern Florida.
Bill Hough 1
I can't view these photos. All I get is a blank screen.
sparkie624 1
Update your flash... Works for me. The slides are in flash. Check, go to downloads.
Blake Erney 1
It's grandfather flew 737s for US Airways for most of his life.
It is just sad to see them rot, when they could me sold for parts/scrap metal.
sparkie624 1
I feel the same way... I worked on the US Airways 737-2,3,& 400's and the 727's. Great Planes.... they don't make them like they used to.
Frank Morris 1
About 1995 I was in Maquetia VE (deployed with a USN VP det) and watched them SAND old paint schemes off airliners prior to re-painting in some new livery scheme for the new owners. The US FAA rep there was TRYING to help them out but it wasn't working with the way they do things "down there". There isn't a single airline in South America I'd feel comfortable flying on.
Richard Rohrer 1
Probably more of a fungus or mold rather than rust. But why would I expect someone in media to do their research. I do suspect their are many other countries, perhaps our own, where this type of legal delay could occur. Watch Italy on the "Costa Concordia". The Italian courts pursued manslaughter charges into the death of f1 driver, Aryton Senna for over 10 years.

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