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Southwest Takes Delivery of their First 737-800

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Just needs wifi and other make-ready procedures and we'll see it in service somewhere ( المزيد...

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Troy Raiteri 1
Hoping to see that bird sometime!!!
Richard Harrell 1
Sweet, another WN overhead bin I can put my roll-aboard in longways! (300's, not so much). In all seriousness, congrats to SWA -- I hope the new fleet continues to extend their range...
anthony geinopolos 1
whats the tail number
jim garrity 1
You're happier than a pig in sh_ _, Maxwell!!!
Larry Hawkins 1
Congrat's Southwest.
Jayden Hakunti 1
Southwest will pickup FL's interational routes (i.e. mexico, caribbean) and will use the B738 on HI routes and West Coast - East Coast routes.
Kenneth Schmidt 1
How are these different from the other 46 737-8H4's they took delivery of beginning on 03-08-2012?
Scott Campbell 1
Uh ... mexico BTW that will be their growth region, and Puerto Rico
Scott Campbell 1
SPEL CHeek o yea , PACIFIC and WEST COAST ... sorry long day
Horace Sinclair 1
Donald Pungowiyi 1
Southwest finally gets a 737-800 big whoop, lol
Michael Misorski 1
It will start service between Chicago Midway and Flordia at end of March.
Harrison Turner 0
I thought they already had 800's
justindpilot 0
Did I miss something? ETOPS?
DashTrash 1
The aircraft itself may be ETOPS capable, but Southwest isn't ETOPS, yet. I think they're working on it, and at some point I believe you'll see them flying to Hawaii.
preacher1 1
Yeah, I think they have already done some talking on Hawaii and some of their East coast features will change with the aquisition of AirTran, I figure. Maybe not tit for tat, but they will make their presence known.
Brad Littlejohn 1
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't SWA still have some hooks into Hawaii from their buyout of ATA around 2003? I know some of ATA's routes went away when they were eaten up by SWA, but they did have routes to Hawaii that SWA could start up again.

I think this was answered before, bu tI'll ask again. For TRS' MMUN service, does that require ETOPS?
DashTrash 1
Cancun doesn't usually require ETOPS.
Ted Sommer -1
Just what we need here in Hawaii, another Mainland carrier, sheesh!! Don't think
I would want to fly a single isle aircraft between the 2 ...
Scott Campbell 1
Well the pacicic from the wes coast is already FULL of single aile aricraft going
to Hawaii, LAX and SFO once, maybe twice a day with wide body - United,American,Delta everthing else is Single
Only thing I can think of is maybe they're going to Hawaii or the New York area to Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands...
QuickBurn 1
I don't think SWA has any international plans. ETOPS could be for Hawaii, but also could be for south Florida to, say, PHX, so to fly out further over the gulf.
Ben Deneweth 1
You don't need ETOPS to fly over the gulf from south florida, just Overwater equipped (life rafts).

They are being certified for ETOPS because they want to fly to Hawaii. However, Hawaii service is still at least over a year off as they haven't even started the certification process and will need a fairly large fleet of 737-800's to begin service (they'll want at least 10 in their possession first probably).
preacher1 1
Curious. Where did you see anything about ETOPS?
It's on the nose-wheel door.

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