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World's worst airline' launches world's worst booking site

North Korean Air Koryo's online booking fails to take off ( More...

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Quackers 14
Prices don't include fuel, and actual air travel. Aircraft towed to destination by the great leader. Food provided by UN Food Programme.
Andy Tyler 4
dont mock the great leader now, you'll get sent to a work camp!
tim mitchell 6
They just can't launch anything right can
JJ Johnson 5
Koryo is North Korean for "Bucket of Bolts"
Bob Schukai 4
Did you see that in the "pets" section you're at least allowed to travel with your pet monkey...
AAaviator 0
That's for your inflight meal.
gjp161 2
Logo says it all - a witch on a broomstick!
tim mitchell 2
you shouldn't talk about the great leader's mother like
Air Koryo is now on Facebook. It mentions on its wall that not all services are available via the website. Maybe it helps for the media to actually do some research. I hope we get better relations with the country so they can start non stop flights on that airplane to the U.S, seems it will be a very pleasant flight with great service...
tim mitchell 1
That would be like trying to be friends with fire ants; it just just wouldn't work....Cuba maybe but probably not N.Korea
btweston 4
So let's just say mean things about them.
Andy Tyler 3
i love the comments where they're like "still a better airline than United" and im scratching my head thinking "seriously?" people post the dumbest crap

[This poster has been suspended.]

preacher1 3
you got that right!!
tim mitchell 4
Is that wall behind them made of particle board?
preacher1 3
Sure looks like; Blandex or something. Most US stuff probably is but at least they go to enough expense to fabric coat it.LOL
Jeremy Kudlick 1
How old is that airframe? It looks like an IL-62M.
Cubana uses them still, I think the RAF still use the VC10, similar design.
Ben Deneweth 3
Actually Air Koryo just bought Cubana's to strip them of parts to keep their own flying. DETA Air of Kazakhstan flew them recently but I believe they also have retired them, which I believe leaves Air Koryo as the only IL-62 operator left. Koryo was planning on retiring them due to lack of spares, but with the purchase of the Cubana frames and the recent increase in flying demand in and around N. Korea, they plan to keep them flying until the end of the decade. However, the Tu-204 has taken over most of Koryo's international flying and the IL-62's and TU-134's are only used for domestic flights. IL-62's are occasionally used when a second Beijing flight is needed on certain days.
Those Tupolevs are screamers, I flew on the TU-154 a few times.
Wingscrubber 1
You might find this article interesting:
roast3957 1
RAF retired them some time ago,last used as tankers.Far superior to the IL.62,as most western a/c of the time were !
JD345 2
Not another United story... oh wait, never mind.
Ken McEvoy 1
I see they have 12 business class seats and 164 economy. It seems in the DRPK at least 12 comrades are more equal than other comrades
Devin Battley 1
I hope I never need to use them!
Unless the military reinstates the draft I won't have to worry about the quality (lack of) of this airline.
chalet 1
The Il-62 was designed after the 707 and DC-8 were in service but no match anyway you look at it. It has been used as presidential aircraft by many a commie country leader including the bearded guy just beyond Key West who usually flies in twos: the one he boarded and another one as a safety decoy. Crazy.
earl harmon 1
the look on the faces of the two fligth attendents is priceless! " please don't make me get on this plane?
eagle5719 1
As I understand it, North Korean people are not allowed to leave the country - so is it possible for an ordinary citizen to book a flight out of N. Korea?
Ben Deneweth 1
No, it's not. However, anyone who doesn't have the permits to travel would simply not book a ticket since they would just be stopped at the airport and not allowed to board. The small amount of people who are allowed to leave the country would probably find the site a big improvement over having to go to the Air Koryo office in Pyongyang to arrange their travel, assuming it works. It can also be used by the handful of N. Koreans on long term assignments in other countries (mostly in China and Russia) book tickets to return home.

If you want to visit N. Korea, your best bet is to either go through Koryo Tours (who handles booking a ticket on Air Koryo for you) or go to the N. Korean consulate in Shenyang, plop down a few thousand USD and say you want to go to N. Korea and they're generally willing to oblige.
bdarnell 1
The bulkhead behind the two flight attendants looks like particle board.
James Mason 1
Looks like a normal North Korean operation. I'm sure they think it is great! LOL
Er.A.K. Mittal -5
worst Airline ... worst booking site ..... for the worst people , eh ?


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