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Citation crash at CGH caught on video

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This is a video of the exact momment the Citation overan runway 35 R and crashed this sunday on São Paulo Congonhas Airport. ( المزيد...

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tim mitchell 9
has anyone noticed that all of the cars just kept going????? nothing to see here just a jet sitting on the side of the road with a huge dust cloud coming from
Scott Richardson 2
That's Brasil for you.
JJEASTER222000 8
That will buff out
Jason Feldman 1
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - okay Del Griffith! ;)

Seriously, that must have hurt! For a minute I thought everyone was speaking spanish - so I thought it was L.A., but then realized it was portuguese...

Sau Paulo has a real bad track record - an airbus just blew up a gas station a little while ago.

When the plane came to a rest the dirt stopped getting blown away so I thought the engines were shut down. Later when the fire department showed up - you can see the water being blown back by engines. I didn't read the article - I don't have time to - but if the engines were still running - did the pilot loose consciousness? It ooked painful but not lethal.

In any case:

Brian Allen 1
.... did the pilot loose consciousness ....


You're kidding, aren't you.
Jason Feldman 2
That's funny - I see what you did just there.

Sorry, I mispoke- did the person called a pilot his whole career until he had the worst day of his career when he most certainly got injured- lost his license, embarrassed himself, and may have done something any one of us most certainly have done in the thousands of hours weve flown (landed long, hydroplaned) - only in his case he didn't recover.

Sure - he's got egg on his face - and no doubtedly made a mistake that day. But haven't we all made mistakes? In fact- have any of us ever had a "perfect flight"?

I'm just in a pissy mood - sorry I am taking it out on you. I would have giggled in the past but I am a little depressed lately. It was two years ago I had an accident at work and hurt my spine in three places and my left knee. I most likely will never fly again and live in constrain severe pain. Now I see things differently. I used to feel invincible - and then one day while putting to plane to sleep at the FBO at the end of our flying day I slipped and fell hard - hit my head on the engine (apparently because I messed up my neck really bad from a sharp object - and haven't been back in a cockpit ever since.

Now I think of things from a human experience rather than normal. I think of how a few seconds of your life can change it forever. And that it doesn't even take a bad decision for bad things to happen to you. One minute you're fine.... Poof.

If there is a god people have told me he wanted me to remind people to appreciate each day because you never know when life will change forever.

I'll try not to be so melencoly in future postings - this two year anniversary is really not cheering me up very much.
WeatherWise 7
"the driver failed to stop and the plane skidded"...those crazy Citation drivers...a menace to highway traffic everywhere.
Flyingmartian1 7
"The driver failed to stop" Seriously?
Ricardo Figueroa 6
And the crowd goes long jump record set by...Cessna Baby Jet
Rod Williams 4
That's gotta be hard on the spine coming down like that.
egnilk66 4
We're going to need some 50 weight and some gauze pads.
Tomoch 0
I'm gonna need about 10 quarts of antifreeze... preferably Prestone... No... No, make that Quaker State...
I think the pilot was texting at the time...
Will Miller 6
Weeeeeeeee!!! It's a bunny! ;)
Conor Ball 6
Are you kidding me? Its a kangaroo!! haha he bounced pretty good.
tim mitchell 3
Elizabeth Robillard 3
The gear remained attached after the first bounce. Wow!
egnilk66 5
I can only imagine what the voice recorder captured... "I've just shat mis pantalones".
tim mitchell 4
ay dios mio
Gabriela Mello 4
Congonhas needs to change and fast. This is TAM crash all over again!!
Joseph Howes 5
with the TAM crash the A320 had a faulty left thrust reverse a it was wet and stromy this was also when São Paulo Congonhas Airport didnt have grooves in the runway to get the runway free of standing water
riddfly 2
Unstabilized approach!!!
Joseph Howes 2
it looks as though the pilot came in to fast and touched down to far up the runway with not enough distance to stop or there was a mechanical faliure with the brakes. but if the pilot ssaw he couldnt make it he should of done a go-around but why didnt he?
pfp217 1
But braking is done usually at 60kts and below.. at the point he would've been braking there probably (without looking at the airport data) wouldn't have been time to add power and lift. He was already hot and when he hit that burm had enough airspeed to actually climb momentarily.
Joseph Howes 0
the pilot could have tried turning to do a slide type thing. also what about reverse thrust or does the ciation not have it
tim mitchell 1
Ben Ryan 2
I agree with Gabriela. Congonhas has never been a safe airport and without proper government interference, nothing is going to change and this may become more and more of a commonplace at Congonhas.
Glen England 2
Seems like Congonhas airport has always has a bad reputation even though the most well known accident involved an aircraft with a defective thrust reverser and a wet runway missing the proper grooved surface. If I remember correctly, even before this accident, Congonhas was an airport with a very tight runway configuration, and a difficult approach profile that worried even the best of pilots. At least, that was the impression the "Air Emergency" Discovery Channel episode alluded to when it profiled the Airbus Congonhas accident referenced here a couple of times.
luv2flysolo 2
I hope the passengers are okay...
Jeff Hendrix 2
If you look at this video
in the aerial video it looks like the plane went off the end of the runway at 45 degrees to the runway.
It's looks like it's closer to being lined up with the taxiway that crosses 17L on the way to 17R.
Jeff Hendrix 2
Sorry, I meant crosses 17R on the way to 17L,-46.656575&spn=0.00634,0.009195&hq=Congonhas+Airport&radius=15000&t=h&z=17

dave garcia 2
So Runway 17L-35R is 4708'with average landing distance for the CJ being about 2700' and speed of approx 90+-kts at touchdown, have to wonder if it landed with the wind. It didn't seem to have shed much speed when it went off. Or landed very long. Hey never know that old ground effect scenario could have played a part and floated it for a bit if they came in a little too hot. Ahhh what do I know I wasn't there to see it. Just guessing here :)
biz jets 1
biz jets 1
Lucky bounce. That could have ended worse if they had plowed head on into that barrier or into the traffic. Citations are built tough.
linbb 1
Mostly a cloud of dust and then a little smoke. Was said runway was wet, like the way when he hit the bank after leaving the runway how it shot into the air then landed on the fence which stopped it.
Carroll Harder 1
I think he needs a new drivers license..
Charles Felipe 1
another one bites the dust! Way to go Tigger!
chalet 1
What is wrong with this accident, it is just that the pilot thought that he was flying one of those strange automobile/aircraft hybrid contraptions and a wall happened to interfere, that is all.
fueler 1
That'll leave a mark..../'o'\
Dule K. 1
I bet the pilots are at least 3 to 4 inches shorter after going over that bump.
Jim Heslop 1
Looks just like my first landing with a GWS Beaver RC plane! Glad they are OK!
Jim Taylor 1
So much money. so little structural integrity. I never imagined "popping a wheelie" in a CJ- wonder how far he could have carried it without that pesky road getting in the way?
dave garcia 1
A little duct tape and super glue and that baby will be like brand new!!
mike truman 1
cleared for the option has new meaning
Ed Thayres 1
Seriously folks? Would you stop your car and try scale an 8 foot concrete wall between the highway and a possible burning airplane? Really? The only option for anyone on the highway is to call 911 and report the incident....however I'm sure the control tower dispatched the firetrucks immediately.
egnilk66 2
What do they dial for emergency in Brazil?

I think people are commenting more on the fact that nobody even slowed down.
JD345 1
places to be, people to see...
Charles Felipe 1
Plane for sale! Dlight damage!
bighoss81 1
Pilots are referred to as "drivers" in Brazil
Ricardo Costa 2
I live in Brazil and never heard that before! lol
Alfons Wilbert 1
That explains a lot!!

Judging by this video, the test to get a liscense seems to be the same!!
Claudia Barger 0
Must have been stoned
Bill Orton 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Cessna Citation crashes at Congonhas airport (CGH) Sao Paulo Brazil

Business jet runs out of runway. The audio is in Portugese, but the video is incredible.
pravin buddh -1
hi, this is very usefull sight.
biz jets -3
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Citation CJ crash caught on video Nov 11 2012

Nov 11/2012 Congonhas Airport Sao Paulo Brazil - details unconfirmed, reports two on board, pilot (husband) critical, wife okay.
Edward De Bruin -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Aircraft overshooting runway caught on camera

A corporate jet overshot its designated runway at Congonhas Airport, slid down an embankment, bounced on a retaining wall and crashed in a cloud of smoke.
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Cessna Citation crash caught on video - today

Can't tell if this was an aborted take off attempt or a situation
of landing short.

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