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Will Assemble And Sell Utility Turboprops In China

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Cessna has entered into a joint venture contract with China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Company Ltd., (CAIGA) through CAIGA North China Aircraft Industry Co, in accordance with their previously announced strategic agreement, for the formation of a joint venture company to conduct final assembly of Cessna Caravan utility turboprop aircraft in China for the Chinese market. The joint venture contract also contemplates the possibility of designing and assembling new models of utility… ( المزيد...

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sparkie624 0
Interesting.. Hope it works out for them... At least we can get some of the Chinese money back in our country where it belongs... they should be able to afford these as much as obama has been gifting them.
stoneyend 3
Yeah, Cessna will bring in money from China right up until the Chinese company breaks off the relationship and builds their own planes using Cessna's designs and technology without paying licensing or patent fees.
sparkie624 1
Yeah.. They are just like the Russians with out B-29... Copy it to the letter.
Wingscrubber 1
There was a time when bicycles used to be manufactured in the US, then Schwinn outsourced to Giant in Taiwan, now Schwinn is gone and Giant is the worlds largest bicycle manufacturer. This is analogous to what Cessna is starting now in China - with the Sky catcher, Citation Excel and now the Caravan. Shenyang aircraft company and CAIGA will be in the position to pull the rug out from under US civil aircraft manufacturing within the decade.

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